Ingliz tili grammatikasi

Bu sahifada ingliz tilidan grammatik darslar berib boriladi

1-dars. Ingliz alifbosi
2-dars. A/an artikli
3-dars. Fonetik qoidalar
4-dars. Plurals
5-dars. Personal pronouns
6-dars. To be fe’li
7-dars. Demonstartive Pronouns
8-dars. Have/Have got
9-dars. There is/there are
10-dars. Can modal fe’li
11-dars. Possessive pronouns
12-dars. The imperatives – Buyruq gaplar
13-dars. The Present Continuous – Hozirgi davomli zamon
14-dars. The Present Simple – Hozirgi oddiy zamon
15-dars. Preposition of place
16-dars. Preposition of time
17-dars. Who and What
18-dars. How much/ How many
19-dars. Some/Any
20-dars. -ing form and to infinitve
21-dars. Present Simple (I do)
22-dars. Present Simple (I don’t)
23-dars. Present Simple (Do you?)
24-dars. Present continuous va present simple
25-dars. I have va I have got
26-dars. was/were
27-dars. Past Simple
28-dars. Past Continouos
29-dars. Past continuous va Past simple
30-dars. Present perfect
31-dars. Present perfect (2)
32-dars. Present perfect (3)
33-dars. Passive voice
34-dars. Active voice
35-dars. Irregular verbs
36-dars. Present continuous (for future tenses)
37-dars. To be going to
38-dars. Will/shall
39-dars. Will/shall 2
40-dars. May/might
41-dars. Can/could
42-dars. Must/need
43-dars. Should/ought to
44-dars. Have to
45-dars. Would you like…?
46-dars. Used to
47-dars. There is/are
48-dars. There was/were, have/has been, will be
49-dars. It…
50-dars. too/either, so am I, Neither do I 
51-dars. What/Which/How
52-dars. How long does it take?
53-dars. Is it…? Have you…? Do they…?
54-dars. isn’t, haven’t, don’t. Negatives
55-dars. Who saw you? who did you see?
56-dars. Who is she talking to? What is it like?
57-dars. Do you know where …..? I don’t know what ….?
58-dars. She said that…. He told me that….
59-dars. Work/working go/going do/doing
60-dars. I want you to … I told you to …
61-dars. I went to the shop to …
62-Dars. Go to … go on … go for … go -ing
63-dars. Get
64-dars. Do and make
65-dars. Have and have got.
66-dars. I/me he/him they/them.
67-dars. my/his/their
68-dars. Whose is this? It’s mine/yours/hers
69-dars. I/me/my/mine
70-dars. myself/yourself/themselves
71-dars.-’s (Kate’s camera / my brother’s car)
72-dars. a/an noaniq artikli
73-dars. Singular and Plural nouns
74-dars. Countable and Uncountable nouns
75-dars. Countable and Uncountable nouns 2
76-dars. a/an va the artikllari
77 – dars. «The» aniq artikl.
78-Dars. This/that/these/those.
79-Dars. ‘The’ artiklining joy nomlari bilan qo’llanilishi
80-Dars. One/ones
81-Dars. Some and any
82-Dars. Not any / no / none
83-Dars. Not anybody/anyone/anything – Nobody/no-one/nothing
84-Dars. Somebody/anything/nowhere etc.
85-Dars. Every va all
86-Dars. all/most/some/any/no/none
87-Dars. Both / either / neither
88-Dars. a lot / much / many
89-Dars. (a) little / (a) few
90-Dars. Ingliz tilida sifatlar. (old/nice/interesting etc.)
91-Dars. Ingliz tilida ravishlar (quickly/badly/suddenly etc.).
92-Dars. Ingliz tilida sifatning qiyosiy darajasi.
93-Dars. Not as … as
94-Dars. Sifatning orttirma darajasi.
95-Dars. Enough
96-Dars. Too
97-Dars. Ingliz tilida gap tuzilishi.
98-Dars. still / yet / already
99-Dars. Give me that book! / Give it to me!
100-Dars. Ingliz tilida bog’lovchilar
101-Dars. When …
102-Dars. If we go … If you see … etc.
103-Dars. If I had … If we went … etc.
104-Dars. Relative clauses (A person who … a thing that/which … )
105-Dars. Relative clauses 2 (the people we met / the hotel you stayed at)
106-Dars. at/ on/ in vaqt predloglari
107-Dars. from … to / until / since / for
108-Dars. before / after / during / while
109-Dars. in / at / on (places 1)
110-Dars. in / at / on (places 2)
111-Dars. up, over, through etc.
112-Dars. on/ at/ by/ with/ about
113-Dars. Sifat + predlog (afraid of … , good at … etc.) 
114-Dars. Fe’l + predlog (listen to … , look at … etc.)
115-Dars. Phrasal verbs (go in, fall off, run away etc.)
116-Dars. Phrasal verbs 2 (put on your shoes / put your shoes on)

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