76-dars. a/an va the artikllari

Ingliz tili grammatikasi

Bugungi darsimizda iz a/an va the artikllarning ishlatilish holatlarini ko’rib chiqamiz.

A/an noaniq artikli

A/an bejizga noaniq artikl deyilmaydi. a/an ishlatilganda aynan qaysi ot nazarda tutilayotganini bilib bo’lmaydi yoki ahamiyatga ega emas. Noaniq artikldan birlikdagi otlar oldidan foydalanamiz. a/an ma’nosi bir, bitta, birorta degan so’zga teng.
Can you open a window? (Derazani ochib qo’ya olasanmi?)
There are three windows here. (Bu yerda uchta derazalar bor.) a window deyilganda window 1, window 2 yoki window 3 dan istalgan bittasi nazarda tutiladi.
Ko’proq misollar:

  • I’ve got a car. (there are many cars and I’ve got one) – Menda bitta mashina bor.
  • Can I ask a question? (there are many questions – can I ask one?) – Bir savol so’rasam maylimi?
  • Is there a hotel near here? (there are many hotels – is there one near here?) – Bu atrofda birorta mehmonxona bormi?
  • Paris is an interesting city. (there are many interesting cities and Paris is one) – Parij qiziqarli shahar. (Qiziqarli shaharlar ko’p. Parij ularning bittasi)
  • Lisa is a student. (there are many students and Lisa is one) Liza talaba. (Talabalar ko’p. Liza ularning bittasi)

THE aniq artikli

Biz bekorga «the»ni aniq artikli demaymiz. Chunki the ishlatilgan otni qaysi ekanligini bilib olish qiyin emas. Masalan xonada faqatgina bitta deraza bor. Shuning uchun biz «Can you open the window?» deb aytamiz. The ishlatishimizga sabab, xonada boshqa deraza yo’q. Va biz nazarda tutgan deraza xonadagi yagonasi.

Ko’proq misollar:

  • I’m going to clean the car tomorrow. (= my car) – Men ertaga mashinani tozalamoqchiman. (=o’zimni mashinamni)
  • Can you repeat the question, please? (= the question that you asked) – Savolni qaytara olasizmi? (Siz bergan savolni)
  • We enjoyed our holiday. The hotel was very nice. (= our hotel) – Biz ta’tildan zavqlandik. Mehmonxona juda ajoyib edi. (aynan biz turgan mehmonxona)
  • Paris is the capital of France. (there is only one capital of France) – Parij Fransiyaning poytaxti. (Fransiyaning faqat bitta poytaxti bor.)
  • Lisa is the youngest student in her class. (there is only one youngest student in her class) – Liza o’zining sinfidagi eng yoshi. (Uning sinfida faqat bittasi eng yosh)

Biz nazarda tutayotgan odam yoki narsa aniq bo’lsa «the…» dan foydalanamiz

the door / the ceiling / the floor / the carpet / the light etc. (of a room)
the roof / the garden / the kitchen / the bathroom etc. (of a house)
the centre / the station / the airport / the town hall etc. (of a town)

Ya’ni xonada bitta eshik bor the door. Bitta chiroq bor the light = xonaning chirog’i va hokazo

  • ‘Where’s Tom?’ ‘In the kitchen.’ (= the kitchen of this house or flat) – ‘Tom qayerda?’ ‘Oshxonada‘ (O’zining uyidagi oshxonada)
  • Turn off the light and close the door. (= the light and the door of the room) – Chiroqni o’chirib eshikni yop. (Xonadagi chiroq va eshikni)
  • Do you live far from the centre? (= the centre of your town) – Markazdan uzoqda yashaysanmi? (Shaxring markazidan)
  • I’d like to speak to the manager, please. (= the manager of this shop etc.) – Menejer bilan gaplashmoqchiman. (Shu do’kon menejeri bilan)

Exercises 1. a/an yoki the yozing.

Answers 3. a
4. the
5. an
6. the … the
7. a … a
8. a … a
9. … a student… a journalist … an apartment near the college … The apartment is…
10 … two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is seven years old, and the girl is three … in a factory … doesn’t have a job …

Exercises 2. Gaplarni to’ldiring. a yoki the + so’zlardan foydalaning.

Answers 2. the airport
3. a cup
4. a nice picture
5. the dictionary
6. the floor

Exercises 3. Bu gaplar to’g’ri emas. Qayerga a/an yoki the zarur bo’lsa qo’ying.

Answers 2. … send me a postcard.
3. What is the name of…
4. … a very big country.
5. What is the largest…
6. … the colour of the carpet.
7. … a headache.
8. … an old house near the station.
9. … the name of the director of the film …

76-dars yakuni bo'yicha test.

Savollarni o'qing va to'g'ri javobni belgilang.

1 / 14

I like _____ music in general and I really like _____ music playing right now.

2 / 14

I met him on _____ rainy Friday.

3 / 14

Give me _____ book which is on the table.

4 / 14

I've got _____ good news for you.

5 / 14

Can I use ____ bathroom?

6 / 14

My sister is ____ dentist.

7 / 14

Ther is ____ small supermarket at ____ end of ____ street I live in.

8 / 14

Waiter! There's ... fly in my soup!

9 / 14

Somebody's knocking. Can you open ... door?

10 / 14

I've been waiting here for over ... hour!

11 / 14

I'm not doing anything important tonight. Let's go to ... cinema!

12 / 14

You said you like animals. Do you have ... pet?

13 / 14

Look at ____ women there. I think they're talking about you.

14 / 14

____ man and ____ woman were sitting in front of me. ____ man was American but I think ____ woman was British.

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