89-lesson. (a) little / (a) few

Ingliz tili grammatikasi

(a) little har doim sanalmaydigan otlar oldidan ishlatiladi, ma’nosi biroz.

(a) few har doim sanaladigan otlar oldidan ishlatiladi, ma’nosi bir nechta.

  • a little = biroz ammo ko’p emas

She didn’t eat anything, but she drank a little water.

U hech narsa yemadi, ammo biroz suv ichdi.

I speak a little Spanish. (= some Spanish but not much)

Men biroz Ispanchada gapiraman. (= biroz Ispancha ammo ko’p emas)

A: Can you speak Spanish?   B:  A little.

A: Ispan tilida gapira olasanmi?  B: Biroz.

  • a few = bir nechta ammo ko’p emas

Excuse me, I have to make a few phone calls.

Kechirasiz, men bir nechta telefon qo’ng’iroqlari qilishim kerak.

I speak a few words of Spanish.

Men bir nechta Ispancha so’zlarda gapiraman.

A: Are there any shops near here?   B:  Yes, a few.

A: Bu yerga yaqinroqda birorta do’kon bormi?  B: Ha, bir nechta.

  • little (a artiklisiz) = deyarli yo’q yoki deyarli hech narsa

There was little food in the fridge. It was nearly empty.

Muzlatgichda ozgina ovqat bor edi. U deyarli bo’sh.

  • Very little (juda kam) deyishingiz ham mumkin:

Dan is very thin because he eats very little. (= nearly nothing)

Dan juda ozg’in chunki u juda kam yeydi. (= deyarli hech narsa)

  • few (a artiklisiz) = deyarli yo’q

There were few people in the theatre. It was nearly empty.

Teatrda ozgina odamlar bor edi. U deyarli bo’sh.

  • Very few (juda oz) deyishingiz ham mumkin:

Your English is very good.  You make very few mistakes.

Sening ingliz tiling juda yaxshi. Sen juda oz xatolar qilasan.

little (kam) va a little (biroz) ni solishtiring:

They have a little money, so they’re not poor. (= they have some money)

Ularda biroz pul bor, shuning uchun ular kambag’al. (= ularda biroz pul bor)

They have little money.  They are very poor. (= nearly no money)

Ularda kam pul bor. Ular juuda kambag’al. (= deyarli pul yo’q_

few (oz) va a few (bir nechta)ni solishtiring:

I have a few friends, so I’m not lonely. (= I have some friends)

Mening bir nechta do’stlarim bor, shuning uchun men yolg’izmasman. (= Mening bir qancha do’stlarim bor)

I’m sad and I’m lonely.  I have few friends. (= nearly no friends)

Men hafaman va men yolg’izman. Menda kam do’stlar bor. (= deyarli do’stlar yo’q)

Exercise 1. Savollarga a little yoki a few bilan javob bering.

Answers 2 a few
3 a little
4 a few
5 a little
6 a few

Exercise 2. Quyidagi so’zlar bilan a little yoki a few ni yozing.

Answers 2 a little milk
3 A few days
4 a little Russian
5 a few friends
6 a few times
7 a few chairs
8 a little fresh air

Exercise 3. Gaplarni to’ldiring. Quyidagi so’zlar bilan very little yoki very few dan foydalaning.

Answers 2 very little coffee
3 very little rain
4 very few hotels
5 very little time
6 Very few people
7 very little work

89-dars yakuni bo'yicha test.

Savollarni o'qing va to'g'ri javobni belgilang.

1 / 10

Hurry! We’ve got ... time

2 / 10

This is not the first time the car has broken down. It has happened ... times before.

3 / 10

We didn’t have any money but Ann had ....

4 / 10

There are very ... scholarships for students in this university.

5 / 10

“Would you like some more cake?’ – “Yes, please, but only ....

6 / 10

I don’t think Jill would be a good teacher. She’s got ... patience with children.

7 / 10

This town isn’t very well-known and there isn’t much to see, so ... tourists come here.

8 / 10

I can’t let you use much of this perfume. There’s only ... in the bottle.

9 / 10

If what you say is true, there is ... we can do about it.

10 / 10

I saw Tom ... days ago.

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