one va ones haqida

80-Dars. One/ones

Ingliz tili grammatikasi

one (= a …).  one – birlikdagi sanaladigan otni gapda takrorlamaslik uchun ishlatiladi.

I need a pen. Do you have one? (one = a pen)
Menga ruchka kerak. Sizda birorta bormi? (birorta = ruchka)
A:  Is there a bank near here?
B:   Yes, there’s one at the end of this street.   (one = a bank)
A: Shu yer yaqinida bank bormi?
B: Ha, bu ko’chaning oxirida bitta bor. (bitta = bank)

Ones – ko’plikdagi sanaladigan otni gapda takrorlamaslik uchun ishlatiladi.

One hamda ones:

Qaysi biri? = Qaysi bosh kiyim?                  │  Qaysi biri? = Qaysi gullar?
  • this one / that one

Which car is yours?  This one or that one?   (= this car or that car)

Qaysi mashina sizniki? Bunisimi yoki narigisimi? (= bu mashina yoki anavi mashina)

  • these/those or these ones / those ones

Which flowers do you want?  These or those?   or These ones or those ones?

Sizga qaysi gullarni hohlaysiz? Bularimi yoki narigilarimi?

  • the one …

A:  Which hotel did you stay at? A: Qaysi mehmonxonada qoldingiz?

B:  The one opposite the station. B: Bekatning qarshisidagi birida. 

I found this key.  Is it the one you lost? Men bu kalitni topdim. Bu sen yo’qotganingmi?

  • the ones …

A:  Which books are yours? A: Qaysi kitoblar sizniki?

B:   The ones on the table. B: Stolning ustidagilari.

I found these keys.  Are they the ones you lost?    

Men bu kalitlarni topdim. Ular siz yo’qotganlarmi?              

  • the … one

I don’t like the black coat, but I like the brown one.

Men qora paltoni yoqtirmayman, ammo jigarrangini yoqtiraman.

Don’t buy that camera.  Buy the other one.

Anavi kamerani sotib olma. Boshqa birini sotib ol.

  • the … ones

I don’t like the red shoes, but I like the green ones.

Qizil oyoq kiyimlarni yoqtirmayman, ammo yashil ranglisini yoqtiraman.

Don’t buy those apples.  Buy the other ones.

Anavi olmalarni sotib olma. Boshqa birlarini sotib ol.

  • a/an … one

This cup is dirty.  Can I have a clean one?

Bu chashka iflos. Tozasini olsam bo’ladimi?

That biscuit was nice.  I’m going to have another one.

Anavi pechenye yaxshi edi. Men boshqasini olmoqchiman.

  • some … ones

These cups are dirty.  Can we have some clean ones?

Bu chashkalar iflos. Biz bir necha tozalarini olsak bo’ladimi?

My shoes are very old.  I’m going to buy some new ones.

Mening oyoq kiyimim juda eski. Men bir nechta yangisini sotib olmoqchiman.

Exercise 1. A B dan bir qancha savollarni so’rayapti. B ning javoblarini yozish uchun to’rtburchak ichidagi ma’lumotlardan foydalaning. Javoblarda one (a/anemas) dan foydalaning.

Answers 2. I don’t need one
3. I’m going to get one
4. I don’t have one / I haven’t got one
5. I’ve just had one
6. there’s one in Mill Road

Exercise 2. Gaplarni to’ldiring. a/an … one dan foydalaning. Listdagi so’zlardan foydalaning.

Answers 2 a new one
3 a better one
4 an old one
5 a big one
6 a different one

80-dars yakuni bo'yicha test.

Savollarni o'qing va to'g'ri javobni belgilang.

1 / 10

Which one is your son? The tall ... is my son.

2 / 10

I can't afford to buy this house. Can you show me another ... that's cheaper please?


3 / 10

I've lost my glasses. I need to buy new ... .

4 / 10

Is there a restaurant near here? Yes there is ... by the beach?


5 / 10

I'll buy these red roses and those white ... for my wife's birthday.


6 / 10

Do you like this jacket? Which ... ?

7 / 10

This knife is blunt. I need another ... .

8 / 10

Are these your books? No, mine are the ... on the table.


9 / 10

This skirt is torn. Can I have a new ... please?


10 / 10

These striped shorts are fancier than checked ... .

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