46-dars. Used to.


-used to ingliz tilida o’tgan zamonda ishlatamiz. -used to o’tgan zamonda odatlanib qolingan ish – harakatlari uchun ishlatiladi. Lekin hozirga u ish – harakati bajarilamaydi.

(Dave zavodda ishlardi. Hozir u supermarketda ishlaydi)

Demak u avval (o’tgan zamon) ishlagan zavodda, lekin hozir zavodda ishlamaydi.

He used to smoke. He used to smoke 40 cigaretters a day.

(U chekardi. Bir kunda u 40 ta sigaret chekardi.)

He used to smoke degani o’tgan zamonda ma’lum bir vaqt muntazam chekan, lekin hozir u chekmaydi.

-used to ni har doim o’tgan zamonda ishalatamiz. Hozirgi zamonda emas. Siz ayta olmaysiz «I use to do» hozirgi zamon uchun, hozirgi zamonga «I do«dan foydalanamiz.

(Men tennis o’ynardim. Shu kunlarda golf o’yanayapman)

Exercises 1. Rasmga qarang. used to …. bilan gaplarni to’ldiring.

Answers 2 He used to play football.
3 She used to be a taxi driver.
4 They used to live in the country.
5 He used to wear glasses.
6 This building used to be a hotel.

Exercises 2. Gaplarni to’ldiring. used to yoki hozirgi zamon (I play/he lives) foydalanib.

Answers 3 used to have
4 used to be
5 go / travel
6 used to eat
7 watches
8 used to live
9 get
10 did you use to play

New words (yangi so’zlar)

1fewoz, ozgina9buildingbino
5taxi drivertaksi haydovchisi13mostortirma daraja


46-dars yakuni bo'yicha test.

Savollarni o'qing va to'g'ri javobni belgilang.

1 / 10

Mr. Robinson did not use to _____ take the bus, but now he takes it everyday

2 / 10

The model of car _____ have bigger trunk space, but now it is not that big.

3 / 10

The team practices all the time now, but they _____ practice that often.

4 / 10

Use to / used to to’g’ri berilgan qatorni toping.

5 / 10

They _____ go out for coffee all the time, but now they do not.

6 / 10

The librarian ______ visit our class, but now she comes once a week.

7 / 10

I used to ____ on Friday mornings, but now I have started jogging.

8 / 10

Noto’g’ri gap berilgan qatorni toping.

9 / 10

___ he ____ golf every Friday?

10 / 10

They _____ short hair.

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