83-Dars. Not anybody/anyone/anything — Nobody/no-one/nothing

Ingliz tili grammatikasi
  • not + anybody / anyone va nobody / no-one faqat insonlar uchun «hechkim» degan ma’noni anglatadi va ishlatiladi:

There isn’t anybody/anyone in the room.

Xonada hechkim yo’q.

There is nobody/no-one in the room.

Xonada hechkim yo’q.

A:  Who is in the room? A: Xonadagi kim?

B:  Nobody. / No-one.    B: Hechkim.

  • -body va -one bir xildir:



  • not + anything va nothing faqat narsalar uchun «hechnima» ma’nosida ishlatiladi:

There isn’t anything in the bag.

Sumkada hechnima yo’q.

There is nothing in the bag.

Sumkada hechnima yo’q.

A:  What’s in the bag? Sumkadagi nima?

B:  Nothing.                   Hechnima.

  • not + anybody/anyone bilan nobody/no-one bir xil ma’noni anglatadi:

I’m lonely. I have nobody to talk to. (= I don’t have anybody)                   

Men yolg’izman. Menda gaplashish uchun hechkim yo’q. (= Menda hechkim yo’q)

The house is empty.  There is no-one in it. (= There isn’t anyone in it.)

Uy bo’sh. Uning ichida hechkim yo’q. (= Uning ichida hechkim yo’q.)

  • not + anything bilan nothing bir xil ma’noni anglatadi:

She said nothing. (= She didn’t say anything.)

U hechnarsa demadi. (= U hechnarsa demadi.)

There’s nothing to eat. (= There isn’t anything to eat.)

Yeyish uchun hechnarsa yo’q. (Yeyish uchun hechnarsa yo’q.)

  • nobody/no-one/nothing gapning boshida yoki yolg’iz (savolga berish uchun) ishlatiladi:

The house is empty.  Nobody lives there.

Uy bo’sh. U yerda hechkim yashamaydi.

Who did you speak to?’     ‘No-one.’

‘Siz kimga gapiryapsiz?’ ‘Hechkimga.’

Nothing happened.

Hechnima sodir bo’lmadi.

What did you say?’     ‘Nothing.’

Nima dedingiz?’ ‘Hechnima.’

Eslab qoling:

  • inkor fe’l + anybody/anyone/anything
  • ijobiy fe’l + nobody/no-one/nothing

He doesn’t know anything. (not He doesn’t know nothing)

U hechnarsani bilmaydi. (He doesn’t know nothing emas)

Don’t tell anybody.   (not Don’t tell nobody)

Hechkimga aytma. (Don’t tell nobody emas)

There is nothing to do in this town. (not There isn’t nothing)

Bu qishloqda qilishga hechnarsa yo’q. (There isn’t nothing emas)

Exercise 1. Ushbu gaplarni nobody/no-one yoki nothing bilan qayta yozing.

Answers 2. There’s nobody in the office.
3. I have nothing to do. / I’ve got nothing to do.
4. There’s nothing on TV.
5. There was no-one at home.
6. We found nothing.

Exercise 2. Ushbu gaplarni anybody/anyone yoki anything bilan qayta yozing.

Answers 2. There wasn’t anybody on the bus.
3. I don’t have anything to read. / I haven’t got anything to read.
4. I don’t have anyone to help me. / 1haven’t got anyone to help me.
5. She didn’t hear anything.
6. We don’t have anything for dinner. / We haven’t got anything for dinner.

Exercise 3. Gaplarni to’ldiring. nobody/no-one/nothing yoki anybody/anyone/anything dan foydalaning.

Answers 3. anything
4. Nobody/No-one
5. Nothing
6. anything
7. anybody/anyone
8. nothing
9. anything
10. anything
11. nobody/no-one
12. anything
13. Nothing
14. Nobody/No-one…

83-dars yakuni bo'yicha test.

Savollarni o'qing va to'g'ri javobni belgilang.

1 / 10

She doesn't know ... about politics.

2 / 10

-What do you want to drink?

-... . I'm not thirsty.

3 / 10

She looked out of the window but she couldn't see ... .

4 / 10

There was complete silence in the room. ... said ... .

5 / 10

I don't want ... to eat. I'm not hungry.

6 / 10

The train was completely empty. There was ... on it.

7 / 10

-What did you buy?

-... . I couldn't find ... I wanted.

8 / 10

... tells me ... .

9 / 10

The film was boring ... enjoyed.

10 / 10

... came to see me home while I was ill.

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