10-sinf mavzulari bo’yicha dars ishlanmalar


10-sinf mavzulari bo’yicha dars ishlanmalar. Ushbu sahifada ingliz tili fanidan yangi darsliklar (Guess What va Prepare darsliklari) 1 soatlik namunaviy dars ishlanmalar namunalari bilan tanishishingiz mumkin.


Unit 1. All about me

Unit 2. In fashion

Unit 3. My way of life

Unit 4. Champions

Unit 5 Call the police!

Unit 6. City life


Unit 7 Getting on

Unit 8 Going away

Unit 9 Shop till you drop

Unit 10 Taste this!

  • 10-sinf Food and drink
  • 10-sinf The present perfect and past simple
  • 10-sinf A big family
  • 10-sinf Ordering food
  • 10-sinf British food


Unit 11 A healthy future

  • 10-sinf Body and health
  • 10-sinf A food guide
  • 10-sinf An article 1
  • 10-sinf Review

Unit 12 Incredible wildlife

  • 10-sinf Animals
  • 10-sinf Modals of probability
  • 10-sinf Animals at work
  • 10-sinf Respecting the environment 1
  • 10-sinf Respecting the environment 2

Unit 13 Mixed feelings

  • 10-sinf Moods and feelings
  • 10-sinf The present perfect
  • 10-sinf An article 2
  • 10-sinf Review

Unit 14 On screen

  • 10-sinf TV and film
  • 10-sinf Relative clauses
  • 10-sinf Film and TV genres
  • 10-sinf The film industry

Unit 15 Digital life

  • 10-sinf Computers
  • 10-sinf Present simple passive
  • 10-sinf An informal email 3
  • 10-sinf Review 9

Unit 16 Amazing science

  • 10-sinf Doing experiments
  • 10-sinf The zero and first conditional
  • 10-sinf A teenage inventor
  • 10-sinf Staying safe online
  • 10-sinf Internet safety

Unit 17 Talented

  • 10-sinf Artistic talent


  • 10-sinf Reported commands
  • 10-sinf A biography
  • 10-sinf A biography
  • 10-sinf Review

Unit 18 The world of work

  • 10-sinf Jobs
  • 10-sinf The second conditional
  • 10-sinf Talking about problems
  • 10-sinf Special training
  • 10-sinf Review

Unit 19 The written word

  • 10-sinf Things that you read
  • 10-sinf Reported speech
  • 10-sinf An online book review
  • 10-sinf An online book review

Unit 20 Seeing is beeliving

  • 10-sinf Collocations about thinking
  • 10-sinf The past simple passive
  • 10-sinf The university podcast
  • 10-sinf Identifying reliable news
  • 10-sinf A campaign about fake news
  • 10-sinf Review
  • 10-sinf Project presentations
  • 10-sinf Project presentations

Siz yuqoridagi tayyor mavzular bo’yicha dars ishlanma olishingiz yoki tayyor yo’q mavzularga buyurtma berishingiz mumkin. Tanlagan mavzu bo’yicha shu namunada dars ishlanma tayyorlab beramiz. Telegram orqali @uzteachers_admin adresiga yoki telegramdan +998911800985 raqamiga bog’langing. Bog’lanish faqat telegram orqali! Telefon qilinganda yoki sms yozilganda javob berilmaydi!

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