Lesson development on 9th grade topics. On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the new English language textbooks (Guess What and Prepare textbooks) with examples of 1-hour sample lesson plans.


Lesson development on 9th grade topics. On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the new English language textbooks (Guess What and Prepare textbooks) with examples of 1-hour sample lesson plans.

Unit 1. Going shopping

Grade 11 Overview
11th grade Shopping
11th grade Determiners
Class 11 A short text

Unit 2. Our changing planet

9th grade Interesting animals
9th grade Animals of the world
9th grade Yellowstone
9th grade Review

Unit 3. On holiday

9th grade Holidays
9th grade Ways of traveling
9th grade Travel trip
9th grade At the hotel

Unit 4. My place

9th grade A new home
9th grade Talking about the past
9th grade Strange houses
Class 9 A description of a home
9th grade Accepting other people’s opinions
9th grade Review

Unit 5 School

9th grade School
9th grade School subjects
9th grade World schooling
Grade 9 Review (Unit 5)

Unit 6 Favorite things

Grade 9 Materials


9th grade Memories
9th grade Writing descriptions
Grade 9 Secondary school in the UK
9th grade Review 4

Unit 7 Adventure holidays

Class 9 Holiday activities
9th grade Future plans
9th Grade Adventure Weekend
9th grade Adventure holidays

Unit 8 Life in the future

9th grade Things in the home
Class 9 Time capsules
9th grade A letter from a time capsule
9th grade Having a good conversation
9th grade Review 5

Unit 9 Sports, games and activities

9th grade Sports and leisure activities
9th grade Obligation and choice
9th grade Sports and mind sports
9th grade Review 6

Unit 10 Useful websites

Grade 9 Useful websites


9th grade Writing, moving, dancing
9th grade An email
9th grade Beautiful game


Unit 11 City living

Class 9 Places in the city
9th grade Signs and notices
Class 9 Conversations
9th grade Review 7

Unit 12 Films

9th grade Types of film
9th grade Going to the cinema
9th grade Writing an invitation
9th grade Brainstorming

Unit 13 Life experiences

9th grade Outdoor activities
9th grade Life quiz
9th grade Exploring the world
9th grade Review 8

Unit 14 Spending money

9th grade Shopping
9th grade Measurements
9th grade Writing notes
9th grade Shopping and money

Unit 15 Free time

Class 9 Free-time activities
9th grade Having fun
9th grade Hobbies
9th grade Review

Unit 16 Languages of the world

Grade 9 What kind of language learner are you
9th grade World languages
9th grade Large numbers
9th grade About my English class


9th grade Effective learning

Unit 17 Staying healthy

9th grade Body parts
9th grade Teen health
9th grade Giving advice
9th grade Review 10

Unit 18 From cover to cover

9th grade Books I’ve read
9th grade Buying books
9th grade Books to make you laugh
9th grade Reading competitions
9th grade English literature
Grade 9 Review 11

Unit 19 Different ingredients

9th grade Cooking
9th grade The taste test
9th grade Cooking competition

Unit 20 Life changes

9th grade Life changes
Grade 9 Brain injuries
9th grade A biography
9th class Taking exams
9th grade Review 12
Class 9 Project Presentations
9th grade Final feedback

You can get lesson plans for the above ready-made topics or order non-ready-made topics. We will prepare a lesson plan based on this sample on the chosen topic. Contact @hasanboy_uz via Telegram or +998911800985 via Telegram. Contact only via telegram. There is a high probability that I will not answer when I call or text!



9-sinf mavzulari bo’yicha dars ishlanmalar. Ushbu sahifada ingliz tili fanidan yangi darsliklar (Guess What va Prepare darsliklari) 1 soatlik namunaviy dars ishlanmalar namunalari bilan tanishishingiz mumkin.

Unit 1. Going shopping

  • 11-sinf Overview
  • 11-sinf Shopping
  • 11-sinf Determiners
  • 11-sinf A short text

Unit 2. Our changing planet

Unit 3. On holiday

Unit 4. My place

Unit 5 School

Unit 6 Favourite things

  • 9-sinf Materials


Unit 7 Adventure holidays

Unit 8 Life in the future

Unit 9 Sports, games and activities

Unit 10 Useful websites

  • 9-sinf Useful websites


  • 9-sinf Writing, moving, dancing
  • 9-sinf An email
  • 9-sinf Beautiful game

Unit 11 City living

  • 9-sinf Places in the city
  • 9-sinf Signs and notices
  • 9-sinf Conversations
  • 9-sinf Review 7

Unit 12 Films

  • 9-sinf Types of film
  • 9-sinf Going to the cinema
  • 9-sinf Writing an invitation
  • 9-sinf Brainstorming

Unit 13 Life experiences

  • 9-sinf Outdoor activities
  • 9-sinf Life quiz
  • 9-sinf Exploring the world
  • 9-sinf Review 8

Unit 14 Spending money

  • 9-sinf Shopping
  • 9-sinf Measurements
  • 9-sinf Writing notes
  • 9-sinf Shopping and money

Unit 15 Free time

  • 9-sinf Free-time activities
  • 9-sinf Having fun
  • 9-sinf Hobbies
  • 9-sinf Review

Unit 16 Languages of the world

  • 9-sinf What kind of language learner are you
  • 9-sinf World languages
  • 9-sinf Large numbers
  • 9-sinf About my English class


  • 9-sinf Effective learning

Unit 17 Staying healthy

  • 9-sinf Body parts
  • 9-sinf Teen health
  • 9-sinf Giving advice
  • 9-sinf Review 10

Unit 18 From cover to cover

  • 9-sinf Books I’ve read
  • 9-sinf Buying books
  • 9-sinf Books to make you laugh
  • 9-sinf Reading competitions
  • 9-sinf English literature
  • 9-sinf Review 11

Unit 19 Different ingredients

  • 9-sinf Cooking
  • 9-sinf The taste test
  • 9-sinf Cooking competition

Unit 20 Life changes

  • 9-sinf Life changes
  • 9-sinf Brain injuries
  • 9-sinf A biography
  • 9-sinf Taking exams
  • 9-sinf Review 12
  • 9-sinf Project Presentations
  • 9-sinf Final feedback

Siz yuqoridagi tayyor mavzular bo’yicha dars ishlanma olishingiz yoki tayyor yo’q mavzularga buyurtma berishingiz mumkin. Tanlagan mavzu bo’yicha shu namunada dars ishlanma tayyorlab beramiz. Telegram orqali @hasanboy_uz adresiga yoki telegramdan +998911800985 raqamiga bog’langing. Bog’lanish faqat telegram orqali. Telefon qilinganda yoki sms yozilganda javob bermasligim ehtimoli yuqori!

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