Repetitsion TEST barcha toifa


MMTV rasmiy saytida beirlgan repetitsion testlar.
1-bosqich pedagogning mutaxassislik fani bo’yicha 35ta, kasbiy standart bo’yicha 5ta testdan iborat bo’lsa, 2-bosqichda pedagogik mahorat bo’yicha 10ta savol o’rin olgan bo’ladi.
Bugun attestatsiya imtihoniga qay darajada tayyorligingizni tekshirib oling! Quyidagi testni ishlab chiqing. Boshlash uchun «Start» tugmasini bosing!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Repetitison TEST

Jami savollar 50ta!

Mutaxassislik fani 35ta
Kasbiy standartdan 5ta
Pedagogik mahoratdan 10ta

Ajratilgan vaqt 90 daqiqa

Boshlash uchun "Start" tugmasini bosing!

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What is the primary purpose of the ’Silent Reading Hour’ at Greenwood’s local library?
In the small town of Greenwood, the local library implemented a new policy. Every Saturday, it would host a 'Silent Reading Hour' for children, encouraging them to explore books in a quiet, focused environment. This initiative not only aimed to promote literacy but also to provide a peaceful retreat for kids in a technology-dominated world, fostering a love for reading and improving concentration skills.

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Yosh mutaxassis yangi mavzuni tushuntirib bo‘lgach, o‘quvchilarning quyidagi savoliga duch keldi: “Bularning bizga nima keragi bor? Biz bu narsani o‘rganishni xohlamaymiz”. Bn holatda o‘qituvchi o‘quv jarayoniiiing qaysi tarkibiy qismlarini to‘liq amalga oshirmagan?
1) Maqsad
2) Mazmun
3) Nazorat qilish
4) Baholash

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Qaysi holatlarda namunaviy o'quv rejalariga o'zgartirish kiritish mumkin?

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We’ve run out …

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What is the final sound of the word "notice"?

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O'qituvchi yangi mavzuga oid faktlor va mulohazalarni keltirdi hamda ularga doir savollar bilan murojaat qildi. Bunda o'quvchida qanday ko'nikma turi shakllantiriladi?

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Match the situation with the most appropriate response.You disagree with a point in a group discussion. How do you express your opinion?

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What is one of the key concerns associated with the widespread use of technology in the 21st century?
In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. From smartphones to smart homes, it seems like there's a gadget or app for everything. While these technological advancements have certainly made life more convenient, they have also raised some important questions about privacy and security. With cameras and microphones in our devices, how can we be sure that our personal information is safe? It's a topic that requires careful consideration.

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What is the characteristic of diphthongs?

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Nima uchun o'quvchilarning yutuqlarini baholash va bahoni asoslab berish juda muhim?

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What is the most suitable heading for this short passage?
In the Arctic, polar bears rely on sea ice to hunt seals. However, due to climate change, this ice is melting rapidly, posing a serious threat to their survival and highlighting the need for conservation efforts.

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O'qituvchi muayyan mavzu bo'yicha o'quvchilarga tayyor bilimlarni taqdim etib, so'ng mustahkamlash, umumlashtirish, tizimlashtirish va nazorat qilish jarayonini tashkil etdi. Bu jarayon qanday ta’lim turiga taalluqli?

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What is a synonym for underlined word?
The company's profits increased significantly this year.

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Choose the appropriate words to fill in the gaps.
"Global warming is a critical issue. __________ it is often overlooked, its effects are devastating. We must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. __________, waiting any longer could lead to irreversible damage to our planet."

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Match the situation with the most appropriate response. You're in a meeting and you didn't hear what your colleague said. How do you ask them to repeat themselves politely?

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What can be inferred about the author’s experience at Greenwood Forest Park? "Last weekend, I visited the Greenwood Forest Park. The park, known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, was a refreshing escape from city life. I spent hours walking the trails, observing different bird species, and enjoying the serene atmosphere. The highlight was a rare sighting of a red fox. a moment that truly captivated my heart and deepened my appreciation for nature."

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O‘qituvchi o‘quvchining mustaqil faoliyatlari darajasini oshirishmoqchi. Buning uchun u o‘qitish usullari ketma-ketligini qanday tanlashi lozim?
1. Reproduktiv usul
2. Axborot to‘plash - reseptiv usul
3. Muammoli ta’lim usuli
4. Tadqiqot usuli

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Choose the appropriate word to fill in the gap.
The  __________ of the story was so captivating that I couldn't put the book down until ended it.

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Choose the appropriate words to fill in the gaps.
Last year I visited Japan. I was a bit nervous, but excited. _________, it was my first time traveling abroad. The culture and food were amazing. __________, I made a few friends who showed me around the city.

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O‘qituvchi o‘quvchilarni guruhlarga ajratib, bir necha yo‘nalishlarda loyiha ishlari mavzularini taqdim etdi. Quyida berilganlardan ekologik loyiha turiga kiradigan variantlarni belgilang:
1. Maktabda chiqindilarni saralab yig‘ish ishlarini tashkil etish
2. Maktab hududidagi sport maydonchasini yoritish uchun shamol generatorini yaratish
3. Tog‘ chang‘i dam olish zonasiga sayohat harajatlarini hisoblash
4. Maktabda “Ekologik muammolar” mavzusidagi tadbirni tashkillashtirish

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O'qituvchi mualliflik dasturi va maktabni rivojlantirish konsepsiyasi ustida ish olib bordi. Bunday jarayon o'qituvchining qaysi faoliyat turiga kiradi?

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Darsni boshlashdan avval o'qituvchi har bir o'quvchining darsdan tashqari vaqtda nima bilan shug'ullanishi haqida so'radi. Dars davomida barcha o'quvchi faol ishtirok etdi. O'qituvchi ta'lim samaradorligini ta'minlash maqsadida qanday usuldan foydalandi?

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Match the situation with the most appropriate response. Select the informal way to ask for help in a conversation.

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Choose the best option to fill in the gap.
She always tries to __________ her best in school to get good grades.

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O'qituvchi dars davomida aksariyat o'quvchilarni tingladi. Noto'g'ri fikrlarni rad etmasdan, yo'naltiruvchi savollar bilan yangi mavzuni tushuntirishga harakat qildi. O'qituvchi tomonidan bunday usul nima maqsadda qo'llangan edi?

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O‘quvchi bir loyiha ustida ishladi. O‘qituvchi tomonidan loyiha taqdimotiga to'g'ri bildirilgan fikr variantlarini toping.
1) Vazifani belgilangan muddatdan oldin bajarganligini ta’kidlamoqchiman, ammo taqdimotdagi 1-muammo uchun keltirilgan ma’lumotlarni joriy yil bo’yicha yangilash lozim.
2) Umuman olganda yomon emas. Ba’zi joylarida xatolikliklar bor, ularni birga tahlil qilishimiz lozim bo'lgani uchun, keyinroq ko‘rishsak, yaxshiroq tushuntirib beraman,.
3) Loyiha ishi talab darajasida bajarilgan. Taqdimotga ba’zi o‘zgartirishlar kiritish lozim. Darsdan so‘ng ular haqida batafsil gaplashib olish uchun ko‘rishsak ma’qul bo'lardi.
4) Barakalla. Taqdimot ustida zo‘r ishlabsan. Menga juda yoqdi.

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"Dars vaqtini oqilona tashkillashtirish, darsning maqsad, shakl va usullarini aniqlash" o'qituvchilar kasbiy kompetensiyasining qaysi mehnat vazifasidagi ko'nikmalariga kiradi?

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What is the most suitable title for this passage?
Despite its small size, the honeybee plays a vital role in our ecosystem. These industrious insects pollinate numerous plants, including many crops essential for human consumption, making them crucial for both biodiversity and agriculture.

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When giving critical feedback, how should you phrase it?

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How many vowel sounds are there in the word "book"?

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What is a possible long-term effect of the city council’s new policy on public transportation?
The city council recently announced a new policy to improve public transportation. By next year, they plan to increase the number of buses and extend service hours. The policy also includes training for bus drivers to enhance customer service. These changes aim to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, encouraging more people to use public transportation instead of personal vehicles.

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What is the best title for this passage?
The Great Wall of China, stretching over 13,000 miles, was primarily built for protection against invasions and raids. Its construction began in the 7th century BC and continued for centuries, symbolizing both the strength and the isolation of ancient Chinese empires.

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Choose the appropriate prepositions to fill in the gaps. The book was written_________ an expert _________ the field of robotics.

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How should you start a conversation with a senior colleague about a project delay?

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Choose the appropriate word to fill in the gap.
"He's as cool as a __________" means that someone is very calm and composed, even in difficult situations.

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Mezonlarga asoslangan baholash tizimi qaysi muammolarni hal qiladi? To‘g‘ri javoblami belgilang.

  1. ob'yektiv va shaffof baholash tizimi orqali ta'lim sifatini oshirishga hissa qo'shadi
  2. xalqaro standartlarga javob beradigan yuqori sifatli baholash mexanizmini shakllantiradi
  3. o'quvchining o‘qishdagi yutuqlari haqidagi dalillarni to'plash uchun yordam beradi
  4. asosiy natijalami umumlashtirish va ta’limiy natijalarni tahlil qilishga yordam beradi

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What is an appropriate way to start the concluding paragraph in a formal letter?

38 / 50

By the time you arrive, I __________ the report

39 / 50

Which word means 'to make something more modern'?

40 / 50

Which closing is appropriate for an informal letter to a friend?

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In which word is the letter 'h' silent?

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Fill in the gap with the best option. The room was so that I couldn’t find my keys.

43 / 50

Fill in the gap with the appropriate word. The teacher always encourages us to participate in class and shares our on different topics.

44 / 50

Which sentence is correct?

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What is the primary purpose of this year's community fair theme?
"The annual community fair, known for its vibrant displays and diverse cultural activities, will be held next Saturday. This year's theme focuses on environmental sustainability, showcasing innovative green technologies and promoting eco-friendly practices among attendees."

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O'qituvchi o'quvchiga mustaqil bajarish uchun vazifa berdi. Vazifani bajarishda faqatgina berilgan adabiyotlar ro'yxatidan foydalanmasdan, o'z shaxsiy fikr va mulohazalari bilan boyitishni so'radi. Shunda o'qituvchi o'quvchining ijodkorligini rivojlantirish uchun qanday ta'lim turidan foydalandi?

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Match the situation with the most appropriate response. Select the suitable closing for a formal letter

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Maktabda ta’lim sifatini aniqlash uchun monitoring o'tkazish rejalashtirildi.
Uning vazifalari to‘g‘ri ko‘rsatilgan variantlarni belgilang:
1. Ta’lim sifati, uni tahlil qilish va baholash haqida kerakli va yetarli ma'lumotlami to‘plash
2. Sifatli ta’lim uchun ijtimoiy buyurtmaning bajarilishini nazorat qilish
3. Ta’lim jarayoni ishtirokchilariga rag‘batlantiruvchi va motivatsion ta’sirni taslikil etish
4. Ta’lim jarayoni ishtirokchilarining ijtimoiy hotirjamligi to‘g‘risidagi ma'lumotlami yig‘ish
5. Ta'lmni yanada rivojlantirish prognozi va zarur tuzatishlar kiritish bo‘yicha tavsiyalar ishlab chiqish

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Fill in the gap with the best option.
’’The __________ in the field were grazing peacefully.”

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What is the main reason honey does not spoil, as mentioned in the passage?
Did you know that honey never spoils? Archaeologists have found pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are over 3,000 years old and still perfectly edible. Honey's low water content and high acidity create an environment that prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

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