Navruz bayramiga inglizcha ssenariy


Presenter 1
When Navroz will come to us
Flowers and fields will blossom
When Navroz will come to us
Earth will breathe with spring
When Navroz will come to us
You can hear the sound of joy and laugh
When Navrooz will come to us
We will celebrate and congratulate all
Representer 1: Navruz is a new day, a majestic day in the lives of the people. It is the festivity, the first day of solar calendar. It is the most ancient holiday of the peoples living in Central Asia and the East. The day of Navruz festivity matches with that of spring equinox (21 or 22 March), i.e. when the sun enters the constellation of Aries. Navruz is a day of nature, planting, hard work and peace. We’ll congratulate you all! Happy Navruz!
Children: Happy Navruz! (in chorus)

(A knock at the door. The Bear, Fox, Rabbit enter).

Representer: What happened my forest friends?                                                   

Bear:  Hello my friends! We’re loking for Navruz. We are hungry and it’s cold in the forest.

Child 1:   Spring already came and soon it’ll be warm. The first flowers will appear, the buds will dissolve. Let’s play “Only this one” together. We’ll have fun.

The game:

Do you want to take only this one? (2 times)

I want to take only this one. (2 times)

If you are brave show us yourself!

If you are strong show us yourself!

You are not so brave!

You are not so strong! (2 times)

Bear:  Thank you very much. We’ll go now and look for Navruz

Rabbit: Have you seen Navruz? We are bored.

Child:  Soon very soon Navruz comes. Listen to the song and you will have some fun.

(Song and dance about Navruz).

Rabbit: Thank you so much!  We will go further and look for Navruz!

Fox: Have you seen Navruz? We are very tired. It’s very cold and we are hungry in winter.

Child 3: Sit down and have a rest. Watch how we dance.


Fox: Thank you so much!  We will go further and look for Navruz!

All animals together: Have you seen Navruz?

Child:     Listen to our song. Maybe she will come?!


Representer: Children! Let’s call the Sun and ask from him:

The sun, The sun come come
We all children need you now

Cloud cloud go away!

We all children need the sun

The sun, The sun come come!

Sun: Hello friends! Why did you call me?

Representer: We are looking for spring – Navruz.

Sun: Oh yes! Spring has already come. But it’s only the beginning of the spring. And Navruz has a lot of works. She awakens from the hibernation of the fields, meadows, forests. She is already approaching the city. And I suggest you look at the ballroom dance. Maybe she’ll come to your school?


Sun: Good job! You dance very well. Have you tried to call for Navruz? Let’s call her together.

Children: Navruz! Navruz! Navruz!

(Navruz enters under the music).

Navruz: Good morning, my friends! Good morning, children! How are you all? Are you fine?

Children: Yes, we are!

Navruz: I crossed many seas, finally came to you. Congratulations on this holiday, I wish you health and happiness.


Navruz: Thank you for inviting me to the party and waiting.

(Turns to the forest animals). And you, my forest friends, do not be sad! I passed my domain. It’s warm in the forest, everything wakes up, the birds have arrived, the kidneys have opened, and you and everyone will be fine. And now I’m offering you the game «Get the picture».

3 teams: the team of Hare, Fox and the Bear, whose team correctly and quickly build a picture?

(The game “Get the picture”).

Navruz: Which season do you like?

Children: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Navruz: Well done! Love all seasons: for the warmth, for the snow, the first green grass, for the yellow leaves.


Navruz: Well, guys, it’s fun with you, but it’s time for me to go: warm the earth, help people sow a new crop. Accept my treats! (Gives the children food and leaves).

Representer: So we met the Navruz holiday with you. They sang, danced, played, it’s time and honor to know.

(Dancing together).

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