“The Bread roll” (Bo’g’irsoq) scenario of fairytale

Fan oyligi Ssenariylar

Ingliz tili fan oyligida darsdan tashqari o’quvchilar bilan birgalikda olib boriladigan mashg’ulotlarda qo’llash uchun “The bread roll” (Bo’g’irsoq) ertagi ssenariysi

THE BREAD ROLL (Further on simply The Roll)

Characters: An Author, A Grandfather, A Grandmother, A Roll, A Hare, A Wolf, A Bear, A Fox

A big old oven, a table, a bench and a window.
Trees, flowers and bushes.
A stump.

AN AUTHOR: Long, long time ago, once upon a time somewhere about there lived the grandfather and the grandmother. They lived happily and friendly in a very old house. The grandpa and the grandma liked to work hard and sing songs.


A GRANDPA: Oh, it is so nice just simply live, yap.

A GRANDMA: Oh, enjoy the sky forget the grieve, yap.

A GRANDPA: Enjoy the honey drink and tea,

A GRANDMA: To eat sweet buns without plea.

AN AUTHOR: After singing the song the grandpa decided to ask the grandma to bake some roll.

A GRANDPA: Sweaty, can you bake some roll for us?

A GRANDMA: I would like to, but there is no more flour left.

A GRANDPA: Can you wipe the shelves carefully; maybe there you will find one or two scoops of flour.

AN AUTHOR: The grandma did what the grandpa asked her to do. Carefully wiped all shelves and finally found two scoops of flour. She made dough based on sour cream, formed a roll and put it in the oven for baking. The grandpa is singing a song, the grandma is singing along.

(Kids can show what they are doing during the song.)

A GRANDPA: We decided to bake the roll, to bake the roll, to bake the roll. (Make the roll).

A GRANDMA: We decided to bake the roll, to bake the fresh puffy roll.

A GRANDPA: We invited boys and girls, boys and girls, boys and girls. (Waving hands towards themselves).

A GRANDMA: We invited boys and girls, to eat our puffy roll.

A GRANDPA: Boys and girls ate our roll, our roll, our roll. (Show how they are eating the roll).

A GRANDMA: They became all tall and strong, tall and very strong.

A GRANDPA: They said, thank you and goodbye, and goodbye, and goodbye. (Waving hands “bye, bye”).

A GRANDMA: See you grannies, please don’t cry, please don’t cry. (Show how they are crying).

A GRANDPA: We will visit you again hug and kiss you, hug and kiss you. (Sending kisses).

A GRANDMA: We will visit you again, please don’t miss us, please don’t miss us.

AN AUTHOR: When the roll was ready, the grandma took him from the oven and placed on the windowsill.

A GRANDMA: Look, grandpa, how lovely our roll is.

A GRANDPA: It is lovely.

AN AUTHOR: Agreed the grandpa. The roll heard everything what the grandma and the grandpa said about him and so he became very proud. After some time the roll was bored to lie on the windowsill. Nobody said anything nice about him anymore, so the roll decided to jump outside and have a look, what is going on around.

A ROLL: Maybe somebody else will notice how unique I am!

AN AUTHOR: The roll was thinking while rolling into the forest. Here is the hare going towards the roll.

A HARE: Hi, little roll, I am going to eat you!

A ROLL: Don’t eat me hare, I will sing you a wonderful song.

AN AUTHOR: And the roll started to sing the song.

A ROLL: I’m the roll, roll, roll,
Made from flour round ball,
Made from sour cream and milk,
I’m shiny like silk.
I am running from grandma,
I am running from grandpa.
To the forest far away
Catch adventure day by day.
And from you, little hare, I will easy run away.

AN AUTHOR: The hare even didn’t notice the roll disappear.

A HARE: What a wonder! He has just been here and somehow he is gone…

AN AUTHOR: The roll was rolling along the wooden path, enjoying the bright sunny day. The roll stopped and noticed somebody coming.

A WOLF: Hi, tasty roll, I’m going to eat you.

AN AUTHOR: Said the hungry, homeless wolf.

A ROLL: Don’t eat me, Mister wolf, I will sing you a song.

A WOLF: Ok, ok, just quickly, I am really hungry!

AN AUTHOR: The roll started singing his song.

A ROLL: I’m the roll, roll, roll,
Made from flour round ball,
Made from sour cream and milk,
I’m shiny like silk.
I am running from grandma,
I am running from grandpa.
I am running from the hare
I like running I’m not tired.
To the forest far away
Catch adventure day by day.
And from you, Mister wolf, I will easy run away.

AN AUTHOR: The wolf looked around, but the roll was far away. He hopelessly licked his mouth.

A WOLF: Unbelievable! I didn’t bite even a small piece of that tasty roll. U-u-u-u he is very smart! Next time I’m not going to listen to any stupid songs; I will bite and eat, eat and eat.

AN AUTHOR: And the wolf started gnashing with his sharp teeth. But the roll happily kept running deeper to the forest. The roll was running, running and saw the big brown bear approaching him.

A BEAR: R-r-r, hi, round crunchy bread, I’m going to eat you.

A ROLL: I am not simply bread; I am a roll.

AN AUTHOR: Said proudly the roll.

A BEAR: It’s so nice to meet you, roll.

A ROLL: Don’t eat me please, big brown bear, I will sing you a song.

A BEAR: Oh, so kind, and so romantic, dinner after performance.

AN AUTHOR: The bear sat down under the tree, closed his eyes and became ready to listen to the song. The roll started singing.

A ROLL: I’m the roll, roll, roll,
Made from flour round ball,
Made from sour cream and milk,
I’m shiny like silk.
I am running from grandma,
I am running from grandpa.
I am running from the hare
I like running I’m not tired.
I am running from the wolf
I have got my own rule.
To the forest far away
Catch adventure day by day.
And from you, big brown bear, I will easy run away.

AN AUTHOR: The big brown bear was still waiting for another song, but the roll went on his way.

A BEAR: R-r-r-r!

AN AUTHOR: Growled bear.

A BEAR: He cheated me!? I’m silly; I’m fool! And I am still hungry! Well, little cheater, don’t meet me again; otherwise I will swallow you without saying anything, just “um, um”!!! And that’s it!

AN AUTHOR: The angry bear went to the deep forest and disappeared. The roll is rolling proud of himself, thinking how smart and cleaver he is and everybody around is so fool. The roll was rolling, rolling and suddenly ran into the fox.

A FOX: Hello, dear! I have never seen anybody so beautiful and smart as you are! You are perfect!!! You are adorable!!! I like you so much!!!

AN AUTHOR: And the fox licked her mouth.

A ROLL: Hi, red fox, do you want me to sing you the song, I wrote myself!

AN AUTHOR: Boasted the roll more and more.

A FOX: Of course, I want to.

A ROLL: I’m the roll, roll, roll,
Made from flour round ball,
Made from sour cream and milk,
I’m shiny like silk.
I am running from grandma,
I am running from grandpa.
I am running from the hare
I like running I’m not tired.
I am running from the wolf
I have got my own rule.
I am running from the bear
I want find my luck somewhere!
To the forest far away
Catch adventure day by day.
And from you, red fox, I will easy run away.

A FOX: What a wonderful song!

AN AUTHOR: The fox pretended to be crying.

A FOX: Poor me, I became so old, so unhappy, I can’t hear properly anymore. Don’t you mind sitting down on my nose and singing your magic song for me again?

AN AUTHOR: The roll was so amazed and charmed by the red fox, so he forgot about any danger.

A ROLL: Of course, I will.
AN AUTHOR: The roll jumped on top of the red fox nose and started singing his song.

A ROLL: I’m the roll, roll, roll….

AN AUTHOR: But the red fox “um”! And ate him.
Here is the end of the story, to them who carefully listened honour and glory!!!

Source: sadikov.uz

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