«Three wishes» scenario of fairytale

Fan oyligi Ssenariylar

Ingliz tili fan oyligida darsdan tashqari o’quvchilar bilan birgalikda olib boriladigan mashg’ulotlarda qo’llash uchun “Three Wishes” (Uchta tilak) ertagi ssenariysi

Three Wishes

An Old Folktale

Parts(6): Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Fairy Woodcutter Wife


Narrator 1: Once upon a time a poor woodcutter headed into the forest to chop down a few trees and sell the wood in the nearby town.

Narrator 2: Just as the woodcutter was about to cut down an old oak tree, he heard a voice.

Fairy: Please, kind woodcutter. Do not cut down this tree.

Narrator 3: The woodcutter said,

Woodcutter: And why not? I need the wood to sell in the town so that I have money to buy food.

Fairy: I cannot tell you why, but I promise if you do as I ask, good luck will be yours.

Woodcutter: Very well. I will not cut down this tree.

Narrator 2: Then the fairy said,

Fairy: Dear woodcutter, you have a good and kind heart. I will grant your next three wishes.

Narrator 1: The fairy flew into the forest. The woodcutter headed home to tell his wife of their good fortune.

Woodcutter: Wife! Wife! I have a fine story to tell you.

Narrator 2: The woodcutter’s wife was very happy when she heard about the three wishes.

Wife: What a wonderful thing it is to have three wishes! Let’s not be hasty. Let’s

wait until morning before we make a single wish.

Woodcutter: A wise idea. That way we will be able to think more clearly. But for now I’m as hungry as a bear. When’s supper?

Wife: Supper will be ready in one hour.

Woodcutter: One hour! But I’m starving! I wish I had a big sausage right now.

Narrator 3: Now, no sooner had the woodcutter said the words when a sausage appeared on the table.

Wife: You fool! Look what you’ve done! You’ve wasted one wish! How could you be so foolish?

Narrator 2: The woodcutter’s wife scolded her husband.

Narrator 1: Now the woodcutter was not pleased by his wife’s nagging, so he said,

Woodcutter: I wish that this sausage was stuck on your nose.

Narrator 3: And the sausage stuck to his wife’s nose!

Wife: You fool! Look what you have done! Do something!

Narrator 1: The woodcutter tried and tried to remove the sausage, but it was no use. It was  stuck there for good.

Narrator 2: Then the woodcutter said,

Woodcutter: There’s only one thing to do. I wish the sausage was back on the plate.

Narrator 3: The sausage landed back on the plate. The woodcutter and his wife sat down and ate the sausage.

Wife: And that’s the story of the three wishes.

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