Useful tips on how to learn English grammar

Ingliz tili Ingliz tili grammatikasi

Find an English-speaking pen pal
Having the opportunity to communicate with a native English speaker will significantly speed up your grammar learning. A pen pal will introduce you to modern spoken English: it is almost impossible to obtain such knowledge from textbooks.

When communicating by correspondence, try to pay more attention to life issues, rather than discussing only the grammatical aspects of the language. Having become friends with your pen pal, you can go to visit him, and he can come to you.

Ask questions
Try to ask your pen pal questions, but of course, try not to be too intrusive.

You can also chat about any topic that interests you on English-language Internet forums. There you will find many native speakers who will be happy to share with you the necessary information or give advice.

Read English literature
Start reading fiction in English. To begin with, take those books that you can understand: for example, special adapted works of English classics in an abbreviated version and with simplified vocabulary. Reading literature will help you learn grammar rules gradually, in context and, if you are unfamiliar with the plot, not without interest (we recommend paying attention to the traditional English detective story).

Learn the grammar of your native language
By studying the rules of Uzbek grammar, you will quickly master English grammar. Despite the differences, understanding how the grammar of your native language works is of great importance for learning a foreign language.

Transfer knowledge about your native language to English, find analogies and inconsistencies, and you will better navigate the vast flow of knowledge about English grammar.

Learn sentence structure with diagrams
Having received the necessary initial knowledge of English words, begin to study sentences in English. An excellent way is to look at them in the form of diagrams, where you can see the order of words and the relationships between parts of the sentence.

Using diagrams will greatly facilitate understanding of grammar rules and speed up the learning process.

Register in an online community for learning English
In any endeavor, it is very important to feel the support of like-minded people. It would be great if you join one of the online communities.

Here, thousands of people learning English not only communicate, but also share their ideas and problems, helping each other in learning English.

Don’t waste this opportunity to get useful advice or help someone else master English grammar!


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