The Ant and the Grasshoper ertak ssenariysi

Fan oyligi Ssenariylar

Ingliz tili fan oyligida darsdan tashqari o’quvchilar bilan birgalikda olib boriladigan mashg’ulotlarda qo’llash uchun «The ant and the Grasshoper» (Chumoli va chigirtka) ertagi ssenariysi


Aesop’s Fable

Parts (5): Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Ant Grasshopper



Narrator 1: On a beautiful summer day a grasshopper sat and sang a sweet song.

Narrator 2: The grasshopper saw an ant working hard carrying grain to his house.

Grasshopper: Look at that silly ant. All day long he works hard and never enjoys the  sunshine.

Narrator 3: The grasshopper laughed at the ant and then he continued his song. He basked in the warm sun all summer long without a care in the world.

Narrator 1: As summer turned to autumn the grasshopper continued to sing his song and  enjoy the sunshine. The ant, on the other hand, continued to gather food and store it in his house.

Narrator 2: When winter came the cold winds blew hard and the snow covered the meadow with a thick blanket of white.

Narrator 3: The grasshopper tried to find food, but of course he found nothing.

Narrator 1: It didn’t take long for the grasshopper to knock upon the ant’s door and beg…

Grasshopper: Please help me! I have nothing to eat! I shall starve without your help.

Ant: My dear Mr. Grasshopper, all summer long I worked hard carrying food to my home while you played in the sunshine. I will not share my food with someone who is so lazy.

Grasshopper: I was busy singing my song. I was making beautiful music. What should I do now?

Narrator 2: The ant thought for a moment and then said…

Ant: I suggest you dance.

Narrator 3: And the moral of this fable is…

Ant: You must do the work before you take the time to play.


All: The End.

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