Ingliz Tilidan Onlayn Attestatsiya Testlari 6


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi 40ta savol berilgan. Testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish va bilimingizni sinash uhcun. HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q! Ingliz tili attestatsiya testlari. 800dan ortiq savollar bazasiga ega. Har ishlaganda har xil savollar tushadi!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Attetatsiya Test №6

Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari uchun 2021-yil attestatsiya savollari to’plami. Jami savollar to’plami 40ta

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My bicycle’s ____ tyres are flat since I haven’t pumped ____ air for a long time.

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After I went out, I suddenly realized that ____ .

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I made a mistake yesterday. I ____ the keys in my car and now it is stolen.

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The teacher…………… us how to do the experiment when the fire bell rang.

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There are many difficulties . . . learning a new language.

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What a smart suit that is you’ve got on. It ………….. cost you a fortune to buy.

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I _____ about it at the moment and I think that I _____ how to use it now.

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They were ……. of having broken into the stately home and stolen several famous paintings.

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If he ___ here he ___ help you.

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Do you have any idea what she ………….. at this time tomorrow?

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Oh, I’m exhausted. ………….. you give me a hand with this heavy box and help me carry it upstairs?

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She has the good habit of recording everything in writing as much as she can lest she forget something she might need later, means:

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She didn’t know if the letter ___ by the time she ___

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Their dad …………….. a bath now

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People make fire ……… Bonfire Night.

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“Come home … Christmas Day, we’ll be waiting for you”, my mother always says to me.

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This summer Britons are predicted to spend £6 billion on package holidays. According to a new survey, the happiest holiday-makers are those who book with small, specialist companies. The survey suggests that choosing the right tour company may be more important than choosing the right resort or hotel. So, how can you make sure you end up with the sort of holiday you had in mind? If your budget is tight, work out exactly what you can afford. Then, find a travel agent who has time to listen to your requirements. This can be hard though, as many large high street chains set sales targets for heir staff, and may even limit the amount of time employees spend per customer.

Following the advice in the passage, if you want to have a low-budget holiday, ……….. .

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American travelers abroad have discovered that they can buy more foreign currency with their dollar. There has been a ………. of the dollar.

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You really should go to Namibia. The scenery is ……………stunning and the people are very friendly.

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Little ….. she realize that the evening was ….. out very differently

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Choose the correct answer. What … does the book fall into: comedy or tragedy?

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Listening, speaking, reading, and writing can be classified into which two groups?

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Jane: Did you know you broke the glass when you ……. the door last night?

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………. of the opportunity, he didn’t go to the interview.

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I rarely go there means” I do not ____ go there.

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In total, we have ten chairs in the house, so, ……….. you can invite eight friends to your birthday party.

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Azim has fallen ill and now he is . . . hospital.

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Where do you usually have meals . . . the day?

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Most scientists admit that it is not ____ possible to build the Pyramids in those ages.

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This is the school ____ I used to study for oss.

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Mark Twain, one of ___ and ___ American writers, lived in a small town in his childhood.

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…all the words a person knows or uses

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The charity is trying to find ways to save and ……………the world’s endangered animal species.

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____ the dog bit the stranger although it looked very friendly.

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He_________ got a good education.

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There are almost all types of fruit trees in our garden at home. If I _____, I _____them at the
market too.

37 / 40

…………….. the experiment three times now with different results each time!

38 / 40

No problem — I’ll just tell the professor that I……him when he told us when the paper was due.

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………….. feeding these fish, please be careful with ………….. you give them.

40 / 40

………….. 1999 that somebody first pointed out to the probable future problems this scheme would involve.

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23 thoughts on “Ingliz Tilidan Onlayn Attestatsiya Testlari 6

  1. Спасибо за пробные тесты. Дай Бог чтоб пройти аттестацию. Катта Рахмат. Аттестациядан отип кеткаиман.

  2. Raxmat Hasanboy! Shu haftada attestatsiyadan sizning testingizdan otganday otib ketgayman. Motivatsiya boldi menga

  3. Ajoyib test. Faoliyatiz bardavom bolsin. Alloh kuch-quvvat bersin! Hasanboy aka, bitta kichik “kamchilikcha” topdim. Manimcha uni togirlash kerak. 87 ball oldim. Savollardan bittasini chalgib belgilamay ketibman. Albatta bu ozimni aybim. Shunday bolsada, sayt testni yakunlashdan oldin belgilanmagan javob haqida ogoxlantirishi kerakmidiii… ??deymanda 😉

  4. Attestatsiyadan o’tgan o’qituvchi sifatida, saytiga o’z minnatdorchiligimni bildirmoqchiman. Ushbu saytdagi testlarda mashq qilib ancha narsani takrorlab esga soldik. O’ylaymanki ko’p o’qituvchilarga foydasi tegdi. Yangilik kiritishdan to’xtamang. Ishlaringizga muvafaqiyat tilayman. Rahmat.

  5. Katta rahmat.Islaringizga omad.
    Iltimos attestatsiyada tushish ehtimoli bolgan yangi
    Testlar yuboring. Umringiz ziyoda bo’lsin.

  6. Manimcha, 6- va 22- savollarni qayta kurib chiqish kk. 6-da “several hundreds” buliwi kk edi, 22-da esa “product” suziga nisbatan “it” ishlatilishi kk.

  7. Rahmat sizga mana shunday testlarni tashaganiz uchun mana shu test orqali o’zimni bilimimni sinab ko’rdim. Yana ham o’z ustimda ishlayman.

  8. Raxmat
    Oldingidan yaxshilanib boryapman
    72 oldim
    1-toyfada ham shu ballni olsam edi

  9. Katta raxmat. Ishlaringizga omad.
    Bizni qollab turing.
    Attestatsiyafan o’tib olishimizga yordam bering
    Sizni duo qilib yuraylik.

  10. Raxmat sizga tayyorlanish u n shunday testlar tayyorlaganingizga! Men hali attestatsiyaga test topshirmaganman lekin har safar o’tdingiz degan natija olib o’zimni ruhan yaxwi his qilyapman. Bizga ham toifa olish nasib etsin!

  11. I like the idea of doing practice tests before the actual test, because it gives you a good chance to monitor both your weak and strong points.

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