Ingliz Tilidan Onlayn Attestatsiya Testlari 6


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi 40ta savol berilgan. Testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish va bilimingizni sinash uhcun. HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q! Ingliz tili attestatsiya testlari. 800dan ortiq savollar bazasiga ega. Har ishlaganda har xil savollar tushadi!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Attetatsiya Test №6

Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari uchun 2021-yil attestatsiya savollari to’plami. Jami savollar to’plami 40ta

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She left …………… office early, but she got …………… home very late.

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You ____ stay up late tonight or you won’t be able to get up early for work.

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The manager interviewed …………… candidates in turn.

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Choose the correct answer. What … does the book fall into: comedy or tragedy?

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An orchestra is a fairly large ensemble of musical instrumentalists. The orchestra, and the history of orchestral music, is considered to have started with the operas of Claude Monteverdi. Its familiar composition, divided into four basic groups of instruments – strings, woodwind, brass and percussion – dates from the second half of the 18th century and is especially connected with the work of Joseph Haydn. The orchestra grew dramatically in size during the 19th century, from an ensemble of 35 players to a company of well over 100. During the same period, the composition of orchestral music and the particular use made of individual instruments or groups of them, increasingly became the hallmark of a composer’s individual style.

It may be assumed from the information in the passage that………. .

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You could have done more than you did to help him wash the car, means:

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____ , we managed to reach the top of Mt. Everest.

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The government has released some ……………data showing how schools are not providing an adequate education to our children.

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All contact lenses are now made of plastic, but hard and soft varieties are available. The newer and more expensive soft lenses can be bent and will return to their original shape. Made of water-absorbing plastic, they cause very little discomfort and can be worn for as short or as long a period as you like. Lenses of hard plastic do cause discomfort during the adjustment period and must be worn regularly so that another break-in period isn’t necessary. However, vision through soft contacts isn’t as good as through hard contacts. Another disadvantage of soft lenses is their tendency to absorb eye secretions and mists from hair spray, room deodorant and the like.

One advantage soft contact lenses have over hard ones is that they………… .

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Painting is the application of some coloured pigment to a surface and has developed into an expressive art form. The most common types of paints used today are oil paints and water colours. Most oil painting is done on a prepared canvas or wooden board. Oil paints take several days to dry, which allows the artist to work and rework on the canvas or other surface in the meantime. Water colour painting requires a totally different technique. As the name implies, water is the fluid mixed with the pigments, while paper is the only surface suitable for the paints. Because the water dries quickly into the paper, the work itself has to be done quickly, and it is difficult to correct mistakes. Gouache paints are also water-soluble, but stronger in colour and tone than true water colours.

As is stated in the passage, one feature of oil paint is that…………. .

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You should give me ____ information about his identity in case I don’t recognize him.

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I finished my essay yesterday but …………… it in to the tutor yet.

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We had our house painted, but it looks darker now. We ____ a different colour.

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Even though there is no way to know what the future will bring, ….. .

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………….. 1999 that somebody first pointed out to the probable future problems this scheme would involve.

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Ali has …………… vacation.

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I understand that you’ve sent him an e-mail message. I think you …………… him instead.

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No, I …………… buy a new one. My old watch was working perfectly after all.

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I____ the garden but I couldn’t find the spade.

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User: I’m working on those ……. English tests, which I find very interesting.

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I know they are cousins of some sort, but I am not sure of the exact ……… between them.

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Children are very fond … swimming.

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The idea ____ we should go to a picnic at the weekend is to be delayed for this week.

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The instructions should be clear, but if you’re …….. Just ask someone

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Ever since the 1978 Camp David Agreement and the 1979 peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel, the Suez Canal has been filled with a constant flow of maritime traffic. It is 163 km long, but still not wide enough to accommodate modern ships sailing in opposite directions. There are plans to widen the canal but, for now, ships can pass only at two points – the Bitter Lakes and Al-Ballan. With a depth of 19,5 metres, the canal is deep enough for most ships, except for super tankers. The canal is the prime source of hard currency for Egypt’s troublesome economy. Each of the 50 ships that pass through the canal each day is charged a fee based on its size and weight. The average fee is about $70,000.
It is implied in the passage that………… .

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I _____ about it at the moment and I think that I _____ how to use it now.

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Not until ……… my homework ………. to go out.

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I know it’s not much of a present but I made it …………… .

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… learn information best by listening to it.

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The early decades o f the 1800s are well known as a period o f discontent and social unrest. The Industrial Revolution meant the decline o f traditional rural communities and her growth o f a working-class urban population, particularly in the new industrial towns o f the north such as Manchester. Living and working conditions for the urban factory worker were frequently appalling and gave rise to a number o f movements aimed at bettering working-class conditions. One such movement was Chartism, which aimed to present a people’s charter, or petition for reform, to parliament. It had a number of aims, but first and foremost among them was the granting o f universal suffrage, or the vote for all men over the age of 21. What was the aim of Chartism?

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He is always free ____ weekends ____ summer.

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Someone is calling you. Will you answer … phone?

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They …………… personal computers when my father was a student.

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I____ you with your homework as soon as l ____ writing these reports.

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Complete the sentences with compound adjectives formed from the words: behave skin temper
1 Nobody In my family likes visiting my grandfather. He’s really ……..
2 I’m quite ……. , so I don’t usually get upset if people are rude to me.
3 Those children are very …….. . They do exactly what they’re told

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You …………… when I …………… on you that early, …………… you?

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Because I was ……… by the disturbance in the street, I was unable to concentrate on our conversation.

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I couldn’t see what everybody … at.

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Laws are the collection of rules by which any state maintains order within a society. In Great Britain, the law-making process is conducted by Parliament. Proposed new laws are presented as Bills and if, after debate, they are accepted by a majority vote in the House of Commons, they duly become law. In Great Britain, as in most countries, there are several distinct types of laws. Constitutional law is concerned with the processes of the government itself Company law deals with the operation of many of the nation’s commercial and financial activities. These are branches of State law, that is, laws made by acts of Parliament. Common law, by contrast, is based on past decisions taken by the courts on various issues.
As is stated In the passage, the difference between State and common laws is that………. .

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In order to overcome the limits of the nine-to-five schedule and to grant workers increased independence, thousands of companies have been experimenting with flexible work hour schedules, or flexitime, with flexitime, workers set their own schedules as long as the hours are compatible with company needs and are sufficient to complete assignments. Thus one worker may work from seven to three while another works from ten to six. One variation of flexitime is the four-day work week, in which workers put in four ten-hour days rather than five eight-hour days. When possible, employees are allowed to choose their days off, with many choosing three-day weekends.

According to the passage, workers on flexitime………… .

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  1. Attestatsiyadan o’tgan o’qituvchi sifatida, saytiga o’z minnatdorchiligimni bildirmoqchiman. Ushbu saytdagi testlarda mashq qilib ancha narsani takrorlab esga soldik. O’ylaymanki ko’p o’qituvchilarga foydasi tegdi. Yangilik kiritishdan to’xtamang. Ishlaringizga muvafaqiyat tilayman. Rahmat.

  2. Katta rahmat.Islaringizga omad.
    Iltimos attestatsiyada tushish ehtimoli bolgan yangi
    Testlar yuboring. Umringiz ziyoda bo’lsin.

  3. Manimcha, 6- va 22- savollarni qayta kurib chiqish kk. 6-da “several hundreds” buliwi kk edi, 22-da esa “product” suziga nisbatan “it” ishlatilishi kk.

  4. Rahmat sizga mana shunday testlarni tashaganiz uchun mana shu test orqali o’zimni bilimimni sinab ko’rdim. Yana ham o’z ustimda ishlayman.

  5. Raxmat
    Oldingidan yaxshilanib boryapman
    72 oldim
    1-toyfada ham shu ballni olsam edi

  6. Katta raxmat. Ishlaringizga omad.
    Bizni qollab turing.
    Attestatsiyafan o’tib olishimizga yordam bering
    Sizni duo qilib yuraylik.

  7. Raxmat sizga tayyorlanish u n shunday testlar tayyorlaganingizga! Men hali attestatsiyaga test topshirmaganman lekin har safar o’tdingiz degan natija olib o’zimni ruhan yaxwi his qilyapman. Bizga ham toifa olish nasib etsin!

  8. I like the idea of doing practice tests before the actual test, because it gives you a good chance to monitor both your weak and strong points.

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