Ingliz Tilidan Onlayn Attestatsiya Testlari 6


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi 40ta savol berilgan. Testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish va bilimingizni sinash uhcun. HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q! Ingliz tili attestatsiya testlari. 800dan ortiq savollar bazasiga ega. Har ishlaganda har xil savollar tushadi!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Attetatsiya Test №6

Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari uchun 2021-yil attestatsiya savollari to’plami. Jami savollar to’plami 40ta

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That people always fear the things they don’t know well is a ____ fact.

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Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentence.  She wouldn’t go in … her father got rid of it as there was a large spider in the bathroom.

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As soon as the taxi arrives, I … you know.

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Are they going to repair the machine?» «Yes, …………… they have been called in.

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His wife begged him not to drink too much …………… he would have to drive them home later in the evening.

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Price of bread is getting ____ and ____ expensive in Turkey.

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Hoping to find something valuable …….. all the worthless items, we spent hours searching …….. his belongings.

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Since ……… his brother ………. his sister ever married, his children are the only ones who will carry on the family.

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The way she always laughs gives the impression that she is a very ……… person without much deep thought or any real purpose in life.

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Complete the sentence.

Teenagers do part time Jobs because they want to earn some money. However, they don’t usually earn very much. In
the UK. there is a minimum wage for adults: 5.52 pounds an hour. For 16 and 17 year olds, it is 3.40 pounds an hour. For children under 16. there is no minimum wage, so many teenagers work for 2 or 3 pounds an hour.
According to the author, teenagers …

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Find the “odd word” among the following words: spoiled – well-behaved – mannerly – polite

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Did you really say that? You ………….. out of your mind!

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I’m not really sure where the cat is, but I think she …………… in the kitchen.

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Choose the correct answer. Evolution occurs as a result of ……. to new environments.

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I wish I……to my parole board every week; it is so inconvenient.

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…all the words a person knows or uses

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Skimming is …..

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I know it’s not much of a present but I made it …………… .

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We …………… an interesting program before they came.

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They …………. each other for a long time before they finally decided to get married.

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Find the correct definition for «Camp».

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He ____ committed the crime, but the evidence is not convincing

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They range from simple boxes with one knob ____ the pupil turns, to complex computers.

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Find the correct answer for the following definition: …….. is likely to be remembered or worth remembering.

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Select correct definition for “Pair work”

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Painting is the application of some coloured pigment to a surface and has developed into an expressive art form. The most common types of paints used today are oil paints and water colours. Most oil painting is done on a prepared canvas or wooden board. Oil paints take several days to dry, which allows the artist to work and rework on the canvas or other surface in the meantime. Water colour painting requires a totally different technique. As the name implies, water is the fluid mixed with the pigments, while paper is the only surface suitable for the paints. Because the water dries quickly into the paper, the work itself has to be done quickly, and it is difficult to correct mistakes. Gouache paints are also water-soluble, but stronger in colour and tone than true water colours.

The main focus of the passage is…………. .

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I was very rude to you and still feel very ____ of myself.

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……………….. this newspaper report, more women smoke than men nowadays.

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«I had my bicycle stolen yesterday.» «You know, you ____ have left it in the garden!»

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Choose the word which is out of the logic list.

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………. of the opportunity, he didn’t go to the interview.

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If I ____ the novels during the summer holiday, I ____ the lesson now.

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I … for this bank for five years already but I have decided to change my job.

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In the hundreds years up to 1860s, the work o f a small group o f construction engineers carried forward the enormous social and economic change that we
associate with the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The most important of these engineers was Isambard Kingdom Brunei, whose work in shipping, bridge-building and railway construction, to name just three fields, both challenged and motivated his colleagues. He was the driving force behind a number of highly ambitious projects, some of which resulted in works which are s till in use today. With what fields in engineering did Isambard Kingdom Brunei motivate his colleagues?

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He doesn’t understand it yet» means the negative action of not understanding ____ continues.

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«Come home … Christmas Day, we’ll be waiting for you», my mother always says to me.

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May I go out and play in the street? – You … . It’s dangerous to play in the street.

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The old man ____ I was travelling told me his life story.

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Mos javobni qo’ying.

A: Can … play guitar.

B: Yes, they can.

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Many children these days do not have a healthy diet. ……………is possible that this is because less healthy foods are cheaper than healthy ones.

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