Ingliz Tilidan Onlayn Attestatsiya Testlari 6


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi 40ta savol berilgan. Testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish va bilimingizni sinash uhcun. HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q! Ingliz tili attestatsiya testlari. 800dan ortiq savollar bazasiga ega. Har ishlaganda har xil savollar tushadi!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Attetatsiya Test №6

Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari uchun 2021-yil attestatsiya savollari to’plami. Jami savollar to’plami 40ta

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Venice is in . . . north of Italy. It stands on 118 islands.

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Doctors have …………… us to cut down on salt in our diets if we want to reduce the risk o f getting heart disease.

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The price they charge for many types of colour TV sets …………… finally dropping.

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There is a commercial coming up. It is ____ where the bean can dances with the hot dog.

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Choose the right answer.  She finds the characters of the story very …  .

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The printing press … in the fifteenth century.

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I assume …………… against buying a new car.

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He said: «I will complete this work tomorrow».

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Neither of you can survive in this jungle, if you don’t help ____ .

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“Remember _____ the dog before you leave”, she said about feeding

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………….. extra careful in crowded places ………….. get your money stolen.

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An orchestra is a fairly large ensemble of musical instrumentalists. The orchestra, and the history of orchestral music, is considered to have started with the operas of Claude Monteverdi. Its familiar composition, divided into four basic groups of instruments – strings, woodwind, brass and percussion – dates from the second half of the 18th century and is especially connected with the work of Joseph Haydn. The orchestra grew dramatically in size during the 19th century, from an ensemble of 35 players to a company of well over 100. During the same period, the composition of orchestral music and the particular use made of individual instruments or groups of them, increasingly became the hallmark of a composer’s individual style.

It’s mentioned in the passage that..……….. .

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We don’t quite know how …………… there.

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«At the end of the summer season, when the swallows are about to leave, they frequently flo ck together in large numbers on convenient high open perches, like roof ridges and telegraph wires. When people remark that ‘the swallows are gathering’, they mean …» Find the suitable continuation.

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The teacher is ____ for all the students in the class.

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The captain……the rope so tightly round the post that I…… it.

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Find out real-situations where people listen to other people in their native language.

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The idea that we can control our dreams through a technique called ‘lucid dreaming’ Is usually the stuff of sci-fi films. During lucid dreaming, the sleeper knows they are dreaming and can control what happens even deciding to have breathtaking experiences like flying. Lucid dreaming isn’t just about mind-blowing experiences. It can be used to improve a variety of skills, from playing the piano to public speaking. It’s been shown that people who dream about practicing things, like playing the piano, do them better in «real life» the next day. Well-known athletes also use lucid dreaming to help them deliver record – breaking performances. You don’t need to be highly trained to have lucid dreams, but half-hearted efforts won’t work, so try the following steps regularly.

Find the definition of the expression: mind-blowing

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The boy … the letter, if you had given it to him yesterday

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They have put the bird in a cage to ….. it from flying away

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The new system is more efficient and …………… than the old one.

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They …………… personal computers when my father was a student.

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What was the weather …………… when you were over there?

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What is project?

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Choose the correct answer.
«At one o’clock, I was having lunch,» said Molly. Molly said she ……. lunch at one o ’clock.

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She didn’t need to worry about her husband, means:

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A friend of ……… has a cottage in a summer resort, so we can spend ………. holiday there if you like.

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I …………… asked to inform you that you’re dismissed from your post as of today.

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Your hair is completely ____ from mine.

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Thank you for the books. They will be very ………. for my studies.

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The bookshop ……………the end of the road is excellent.

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If he ………,  ……… me Immediately.

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These goods are on sale. Thus, these are ____ than the others.

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Are they going to repair the machine?» «Yes, …………… they have been called in.

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If you ___ in time yesterday we ___ this work.

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Donald ____ at work early in the morning because his customers usually came in the afternoon.

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The term ‘castle’ is most commonly applied to the fortresses belonging to European kings or important nobles during the Middle Ages. The first of this type were built by the Normans in France, during the eleventh century. They were constructed of wood and consisted simply of a tower built on a mound and stood in a courtyard, which was surrounded by a fence and a ditch. By the twelfth century, the wooden tower had given way to a stone one, containing living accommodation for the whole household, centred on the Great hall, and surrounded by a strong wall. As new methods of attack developed, the outer fortifications became more elaborate in order to withstand them.
The author makes it clear that in the12th century, …. .

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Look! That’s …………… over there!

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Mr. Benson, ____ , is our family doctor.

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A cheetah ____ reach a speed of 96 km i per hour.

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