Ingliz Tilidan Onlayn Attestatsiya Testlari 6


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi 40ta savol berilgan. Testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish va bilimingizni sinash uhcun. HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q! Ingliz tili attestatsiya testlari. 800dan ortiq savollar bazasiga ega. Har ishlaganda har xil savollar tushadi!

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Attetatsiya Test №6

Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari uchun 2021-yil attestatsiya savollari to’plami. Jami savollar to’plami 40ta

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There weren’t …………… for everyone to sit down.

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Some people maintain that the benefits of vocational courses are greater than those of more traditional ones. That is the question w e need to consider. It is certainly true that the workplace is becoming more competitive. A vocational course may be a more direct route into employment compared to traditional courses. It is also undeniable that certain jobs (for example nurse, hairdresser) are only available to people with a vocational qualification. On the other hand, choosing a vocational course mean s deciding what job you want to do when you are still at school. Many people believe this is too early. How can a teenager know what job is right for him or her? Another problem is that vocational courses only focus on what you need to learn for a particular job. Is it not better for students to explore other interests while at university? On balance, I don’t believe that students should choose vocational courses unless they are sure what career they v/ant to follow. It’s wise to opt for a course that really interest you.

What is the general opinion of the writer?

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The term ‘castle’ is most commonly applied to the fortresses belonging to European kings or important nobles during the Middle Ages. The first of this type were built by the Normans in France, during the eleventh century. They were constructed of wood and consisted simply of a tower built on a mound and stood in a courtyard, which was surrounded by a fence and a ditch. By the twelfth century, the wooden tower had given way to a stone one, containing living accommodation for the whole household, centred on the Great hall, and surrounded by a strong wall. As new methods of attack developed, the outer fortifications became more elaborate in order to withstand them.
We learn that castles became stronger and more defensive………….. .

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We ____ on a picnic every weekend when we were in Bursa.

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…….. the US Declaration of Independence has served as a model for many later documents

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It was him that went out just now, …………… ?

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On seeing her brother unconscious, she immediately ____ her mother and ____ help.

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The charity is trying to find ways to save and ……………the world’s endangered animal species.

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She didn’t need to worry about her husband, means:

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Painting is the application of some coloured pigment to a surface and has developed into an expressive art form. The most common types of paints used today are oil paints and water colours. Most oil painting is done on a prepared canvas or wooden board. Oil paints take several days to dry, which allows the artist to work and rework on the canvas or other surface in the meantime. Water colour painting requires a totally different technique. As the name implies, water is the fluid mixed with the pigments, while paper is the only surface suitable for the paints. Because the water dries quickly into the paper, the work itself has to be done quickly, and it is difficult to correct mistakes. Gouache paints are also water-soluble, but stronger in colour and tone than true water colours.

The main focus of the passage is…………. .

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User: I’m working on those ……. English tests, which I find very interesting.

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___ you go to the theatre is a matter of personal preference.

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the ……. as they say when you have at least one definite thing in contrast to
two uncertain things.

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I ………. to inform you that there’s nothing we can do to help you.

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Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentence.  – What did you have for dinner?  – Nothing. I didn’t have … for dinner today.

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George, help me to do the room, If you _____ nothing.

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The statistics ………….. in your article …………… to be incorrect.

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If the help ___ in time, the experiment ___ tomorrow afternoon.

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The Normans originally came from Scandinavia and were of Viking descent. During the tenth century they invaded and conquered the northern part of France, which is still called Normandy. In the next century, under William the Conqueror, they invaded and subdued England. This event brought about the end of Saxon England and saw the start of a new era of English history, with new forms of architecture and a new form of social and political order called the feudal system. It is interesting to note that while William was conquering England, other Norman chiefs sailed down the coast of France and Spain, entered the Mediterranean Sea and conquered Sicily and some parts of southern Italy. Norman knights from France and Italy also played a leading role in the Crusades.
It can be determined from the passage that……………… .

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I was very rude to you and still feel very ____ of myself.

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Everybody has come to the lesson … Sobir. He is ill.

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She said that if I got out of her light she …………… to see what she was doing.

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____ he is a good runner but I have never watched him run a race.

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The smile on his face didn’t reflect his ____ feelings.

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…………… beautifully she dances tonight!

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Some people believed ____ were protecting the environment by restricting exploration and drilling.

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Sixty percent of television viewers chose him as their ………. actor.

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You’ve borrowed such a great deal of money from me lately. I need to ……. exactly how much you owe me.

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Compulsive bargain hunters, often buy things ____ they don’t need just because they are cheap.

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Find the correct agreem ent of subject and verb

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Ever since the 1978 Camp David Agreement and the 1979 peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel, the Suez Canal has been filled with a constant flow of maritime traffic. It is 163 km long, but still not wide enough to accommodate modern ships sailing in opposite directions. There are plans to widen the canal but, for now, ships can pass only at two points – the Bitter Lakes and Al-Ballan. With a depth of 19,5 metres, the canal is deep enough for most ships, except for super tankers. The canal is the prime source of hard currency for Egypt’s troublesome economy. Each of the 50 ships that pass through the canal each day is charged a fee based on its size and weight. The average fee is about $70,000.
It is implied in the passage that………… .

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Social organization limits the severity of conflicts within the group; and in many cases it prevents ____ combat except in unusual situations.

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“What do you want for supper?”
“……., I don’t mind.”

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____ is supported by our unlimited and immortal side which is called the soul.

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It wouldn’t take much for me to cancel that trip in fact for two ……. I think I will.

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One of the strangest sea stories is that of the sailing ship Mary Celeste. On November 5th 1872, she left New York bound for Genoa with a cargo of industrial alcohol and eleven people on board. A month later, she was seen by another ship, but the captain noticed that the Mary Celeste was sailing strangely, and decided to investigate. He found the ship to be completely deserted. The sails were set and in good condition, there was plenty of food and water, all the crew’s personal possessions were on board, and there was food and drink on the cabin table. No one has ever been able to explain what happened, though there have been explanations varying from a mutiny among the crew to aliens in a spaceship taking everyone away.
It is clear from the passage that…….. .

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Don’t worry; one of the robbers …………… ,» said a policeman to the gathering crowd.

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Are they going to repair the machine?» «Yes, …………… they have been called in.

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What will you do if ……………

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____ he chose to go this summer is not known by anyone.

Your score is

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