Ingliz tilidan onlayn attestatsiya testlari


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish uchun va HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q!

Ushbu testda vaqt reglamenti amal qiladi. 40ta savol o’rin olgan. Har bir savol uchun 1 daqiqadan jami 40 daqiqa vaqt ajratilgan. Qayta ishlaganda boshqa savollar tushadi. Savollar bazasi 1000 dan ortiq


Diqqat! Har bir savol uchun 1 daqiqa ajratilgan!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Attesttatsiya Test №1

Ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiya namunasidagi savollar. Jami 40ta savol o'rin olgan. Qayta topshirganda boshqa savollar tushadi.
Test savollari faqat tayyorlanish uchun taqdim etildi. Attestatsiyada tushish ehtimoli yo'q.
Boshlash uchun "Start" tugmasini bosing

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The smile on his face didn't reflect his ____ feelings.

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The store is happy to exchange faulty goods, but it can only offer customers a/ an ________  on production of a valid __________. Choose the correct answer.

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I can’t pick you up from the station on Wednesday because...............on that day.

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Choose the correct answer.
Jane, don’t be afraid of … mistakes.

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In total, we have ten chairs in the house, so, ........... you can invite eight friends to your birthday party.

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It is a very ____ and important fact that "fighting" in animals usually consists of threatening or bluff.

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What is a talk with a company about a possible Job?

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His wife begged him not to drink too much ............... he would have to drive them home later in the evening.

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She looked .............. to me. She looked at me ............... .

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At the hotel there were neither showers … bath tubs

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After finishing school they got jobs working together at a medical school hospital which their university had been  affiliated  with.  The four years of intense training they had obtained made them suitable      for positions not often given to new graduates. After a short in- service program they were assigned to their wards and began working with patients who had undergone major surgery. The new group of nurses proved to be excellent professionals. At the same  time,  they were able to maintain the close bonds of friendship that had developed between them before graduation

The new nurses were trained_____.

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Choose the correct answer.
"At one o'clock, I was having lunch," said Molly. Molly said she ....... lunch at one o ’clock.

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Public libraries, maintained by the local authorities, are well developed and progressive, and everywhere allow people to borrow books without charge. The books in the lending  section  are  always kept on open shelves, and library staffs are very  helpful  in  getting books on request from other libraries through the exchange  system. Most libraries report an increase in borrowing over the past few  years, so television does not seem to be stopping people from reading,   as it was feared that it would

It is explained in the passage that any book which is not available  in one library_____.

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It was ____ your fault to allow the children to play in the street; you are indirectly the killer of at the child.

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There are about 980 flying mammals referred to as bats. They are the only real flying mammals on Earth. Most bats feed on a diet of insects. Some feed on flowers and fruits, but the most interesting are the vampire bats of the Americas, which suck the blood of large birds and other mammals. Unfortunately, these vampire bats are capable of transmitting rabies and are for this reason considered dangerous. The other types of bats are of no danger to man and are even considered helpers of nature by way of their diet which helps control the insect population in various areas of the world. Although the misunderstood bat has represented fear and terror in the west, it is seen as a sign of good luck and long life in the east

The majority of the bat population____.

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Where do you usually have meals . . . the day?

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We learned that he ___ the office 5 minutes before he _____

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Find the correct answer for the following definition: ........ is likely to be remembered or worth remembering.

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My friend has been writing to me for years already, but he never ... a photo.

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I am no less surprised than anyone else to see that he's ............... obstinate ............... a mule.

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Sumo wrestling is an extremely popular sport in Japan. The Sumo champions are extremely large men who are not only tall but also weigh 130 kilograms or more. The reason that these wrestlers are so big is that the object of the game is for one wrestler to either throw  his opponent out of the ring or to force him to the ground. The larger a wrestler is, the greater his chances of winning a fight. These matches are usually very short, most lasting less than one minute.

The length of  these matches_____.

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A group activity in which learners have a free and relatively unstructured discussion on an assigned topic as a way of generating ideas. Find the teaching style name?

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Their dad ................. a bath now

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____ first manned flight in ____ balloon took place in 1783.

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I'd like ______ information, please.

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That people always fear the things they don't know well is a ____ fact.

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Universities ______ a number of advantages by Athletic teams.

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While experts question _____ impact lifestyle changes can have on developing certain diseases, they agree there’s a growing desire among consumers _____ more about their DNA.

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I admire Judle Law, ........ always works hard on his films.

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Do you have any idea what she .............. at this time tomorrow?

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You ______ the cleaning. I would have done it tonight.

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We would never have had the accident if you ______ so fast.

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Dr. Maine advertised for someone to work as a receptionist at his dental clinic. He wanted someone who was cheerful and attractive and also willing to work on Saturdays. Several people applied for the job but, except for Jenny none were suitable. Jenny, however, was just what he wanted

Dr.  Maine  felt sure that____.

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Find the grammatically correct  answer.

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Ballet dancers were originally all men. Women only began to appear in performances in 1681, in Paris. The encouragement of King Louis XIV of France is greatly responsible for the establishment of ballet as one of the major art forms it is seen as today. Many young girls begin ballet lessons at the age of 5 or so and train for many years before they are good enough to perform. Most never do perform at all but the graceful movements and control of the body acquired by anyone who has ballet training, encourages parents to obtain at least several years of lessons for their young daughters.


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These goods are on sale. Thus, these are ____ than the others.

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Continue the logic list. Sweater, boots, T-shirt, ........ .

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We ............... an interesting program before they came.

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I was very rude to you and still feel very ____ of myself.

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............... the laziest of the lazy would rather work than starve.

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