Ingliz tilidan onlayn attestatsiya testlari


Yaqin kunlarda bo’ladigan ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiyaga qanchalik tayyorsiz? Quyida attestatsiya namunasidagi testlarni ishlab o’z bilimingizni sinab ko’ring! Ushbu savollar faqatgina tayyorgarlik ko’rish uchun va HECH QANDAY tushish ehtimoli yo’q!

Ushbu testda vaqt reglamenti amal qiladi. 40ta savol o’rin olgan. Har bir savol uchun 1 daqiqadan jami 40 daqiqa vaqt ajratilgan. Qayta ishlaganda boshqa savollar tushadi. Savollar bazasi 1000 dan ortiq


Diqqat! Har bir savol uchun 1 daqiqa ajratilgan!

Created by Hasanboy Rasulov

Attesttatsiya Test №1

Ingliz tili fanidan attestatsiya namunasidagi savollar. Jami 40ta savol o'rin olgan. Qayta topshirganda boshqa savollar tushadi.
Test savollari faqat tayyorlanish uchun taqdim etildi. Attestatsiyada tushish ehtimoli yo'q.
Boshlash uchun "Start" tugmasini bosing

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We ............... an interesting program before they came.

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This was the first time Mary was going to fly. It wasn’t going to be a long flight; in fact, she would be in the air just under an hour. She got to the airport an hour before the plane was expected to take off. She was very excited and also a little nervous. But before long, it was announced that her flight was going to be delayed for two hours. Suddenly she felt very disappointed and didn’t know what to do while she was waiting.

Mary’s flight____.

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Choose the correct answer. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote .......... book which is called ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

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A: Would you like me to give Mike a message for you?
B: Oh, I don’t want to trouble you
A: It’s no trouble, really. I ....... Mike tomorrow anyway.

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The word 'politics' comes from the Latin politia, meaning 'policy', and politics is generally defined as the science or art of government. Politics has played ah increasing part in human affairs since men and women first organised themselves into societies, and most of history is an account of politics in one form or another. There were brief periods, of relatively free or representative government during the Greek and Roman eras. But until the seventeenth century, politics was mostly the concern of powerful monarchs or other people in positions of high authority, such as church leaders. The rise of political parties during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries introduced the concept of government by consent rather than by force.
Obviously, during the Greek and Roman eras, there were short periods…………. .

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Occasionally during the night one can see meteors. They resemble streaks of light and for this reason are called falling stars. As meteors travel through space they sometimes fall into the Earth’s gravitational pull and the friction between these rocks and the atmosphere causes  most of them to burn up before they reach the surface of the Earth. At times, however, very big pieces of meteors fall to Earth and although they are burned up to a large extent, some pieces do reach the surface. These are then called meteorites. The largest meteorite to have been founded is the Hoba meteorite. It was found in Nambia and weighs 60 tons.

Meteors are____.

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Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentence.  - What did you have for dinner?  - Nothing. I didn't have ... for dinner today.

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Mr. Smith made a mistake when he gave his son Tom a camera. For soon Tom became so interested in photography that he began to neglect his school work. Soon a large part of his conversation was about photographs. When the newspapers came he examined the photographs first and said what was wrong with them, before starting to read the news


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One of the most magnificent touristic sights in the Black Sea region of Turkey is the Sumela Monastery. The white walls of the monastery stand out sharply from the one thousand-foot cliff which it was carved out of. It is a seven-storey complex which was carved into the walls of the cliff. Monks had lived in the caves of this cliff for hundreds of years before it reached its final form. It was abandoned in 1923 and left to waste for decades

It has decayed because____.

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The child followed his grandmother into the garden. As they walked slowly towards the little building in the back the child heard strange noises and suddenly stopped. The grandmother turned and laughed warmly at her grandson’s frightful expression. He had never been this close to animals before and was too young to recognize the sounds he heard. She handed him the bowl she had been carrying in her hand and picked him up. In the safety of her arms he relaxed and together, they entered the coop to feed the chickens

The grandmother picked up  her grandson____.

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Khwarizmi’s full name is Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi. The last mentioned name (his nisba) refers to his birthplace, Khwarizmi, south of the Aral Sea. He was born around 780 in the town of Kath part of Khwarizmi. Kath is now buried in the sand. He died around 850. He was summoned to Baghdad by Caliph Al-Mamun and appointed court astronomer. From the little of his work, Hisab Al-Jabr wal Muqabalah (Book of Calculations, Restoration and Reduction), Algebra (Al-Jabr) derived its name.

Complete the sentence. The last mentioned name (his nisba) refers to his birthplace, Khwarizmi, ......... of the Aral Sea.

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Complete the sentence with an  appropriate adverb and a form of either come or go .  As soon as I`d given Daisy some pocket money, _________ she to buy sweets.

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Choose the correct modal verb. Take an umbrella with you when you go out. It .......... rain later.

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They ............... personal computers when my father was a student.

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Naturally  I accepted, although at the time  I ________ not know that they   ________also going to promote  me  to  assistant manager

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An intriguing story -   _____________

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Nobody ............... him for weeks. I wonder where he ............... all this time.

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Choose the correct answer.
Yesterday evening we could hear someone …upstairs.

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The term 'castle' is most commonly applied to the fortresses belonging to European kings or important nobles during the Middle Ages. The first of this type were built by the Normans in France, during the eleventh century. They were constructed of wood and consisted simply of a tower built on a mound and stood in a courtyard, which was surrounded by a fence and a ditch. By the twelfth century, the wooden tower had given way to a stone one, containing living accommodation for the whole household, centred on the Great hall, and surrounded by a strong wall. As new methods of attack developed, the outer fortifications became more elaborate in order to withstand them.
The author makes it clear that in the12th century, …. .

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____ of this country are fed by some cookhouses.

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Bobby never keeps still. So, when his aunt saw him standing there and not moving at all, she knew something unusual was happening. She moved quietly towards him and also began to look where he seemed to be looking. Just then, in the tall grass near the fence, she saw a little bird that was too small to fly. It must have fallen out of its nest.

When the aunt saw the little bird____.

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No, I ............... buy a new one. My old watch was working perfectly after all.

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In 1924 Thomas Watson Sr. changed the name of his company to International Business Machines. The company produced many types    of electronic machines. In 1952, Watson’s son, Thomas Jr. became the head of the company and proceeded to manufacture their first computers. This first computer was produced for scientists. Many other forms of the computer were produced and in 1981 this firm marketed its first personal computer. Unfortunately, this world known and respected company, better known as IBM, is now like many other companies: in financial difficulty

A good TITLE for this passage is_____.

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Choose the most likely sentence ending  The company makes ____________

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There can be few more depressing stories in the entire history of man’s exploitation of nature than the wide-spread destruction of whales. Whales have not only suffered untold cruelty but now face total extermination. Already entire populations have been wiped out, and the only reason why no species has yet been finished off is due to the vastness and inaccessibility of the oceans. Hence, a few have always managed to escape, but how much longer can this go on?

According to the passage, if whales have so far survived, it is because______.

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Good students usually have good study habits and know how to plan their time efficiently. Some find it helpful to draw up a five or six day program each week and plan what they will do when. Of course one cannot always keep to such a plan; unexpected things often happen but even the making of such a plan forces us to think about what we ought to do during the week and this is the first step towards doing it.

Good students_____.

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If the primary candidates _____ more on the issues, the results of the election _____ quite different.

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What is a talk with a company about a possible Job?

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Styles of cooking have changed a great deal over the last  few years. Elaborate sauces and rich desserts are being replaced with simple, low cost foods. The fast paced life style of our world today has limited the amount of time people have to prepare meals. Along with this, the astronomical prices of gourmet, five course meals have made    it impractical for most families. Reasons of health also seem to play a major part in the changes in food preference. Fresh, low-cost, locally available ingredients make much more sense for people who wish to maintain their health, vitality and proper weight

Five course meals are_____.

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We got ... the train and put our luggage ... the top.

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Penguin ancestors could fly as well as any other sea bird. Now its wings are short, paddle-like flippers that are entirely useless for flight. The bird has lived for
ages in or near the Antarctic regions, where it has few enemies. Thus it came to spend all of its time on land or in the water. For generations it did not fly. In the
course of evolution, its wings became small and stiff and lost their long feathers. The penguins, however, became master swimmers and divers. Of all birds, they are the most fully adapted to water. Their thick coat of feathers provides a smooth surface that is impenetrable to water. Their streamlined bodies glide through the water easily.
The birds use their wings as swimmers use their arms in a crawl stroke, and they steer with their feet. Penguins can swim at speeds of more than 25 miles per hour.
When they want to leave the water, they can leap as much as 6 feet from the water's surface onto a rock or iceberg.

When penguins desire to get out of the water, .........

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Find the meaning of the metaphor given in the bold. Choose what you like from the menu the company is footing the bill.

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My aunt has not found a suitable job for her yet. She is temporarily a .......... .

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She went out ........ the fact it was snowing.

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Most university students...............on campus in their first year.

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Where do you usually have meals . . . the day?

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People make fire ......... Bonfire Night.

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New research suggests that among smokers who get lung cancer, women are nearly twice as likely as men to develop the deadliest form of the disease. Experts say that the British study represents the first-time scientists have discovered a significant difference between the sexes in the risk of small-cell lung cancer. Virtually always caused by smoking, it is the hardest form of lung cancer to treat successfully. The study showed that women under 65 were 1.7 times more vulnerable than men to small-cell lung cancer, which spreads so rapidly that by the time it is diagnosed, it is usually too late to operate. The deadliest form of lung cancer...

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It is the truth about the suburbs ..... the people planted their own trees and flowers.

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Mr. Smith made a mistake when he gave his son Tom a camera. For soon Tom became so interested in photography that he began to neglect his school work. Soon a large part of his conversation was about photographs. When the newspapers came he examined the photographs first and said what was wrong with them, before starting to read the news.

After he was given the camera, Tom___.

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