Free IELTS 2023 preparation course from the University of Queensland

IELTS Ingliz tili

Free IELTS 2023 preparation course from the University of Queensland

Eligible countries: all countries.

The University of Queensland’s IELTS Academic Test Preparation facility is one of the outstanding opportunities that paves the way for ILETS scaling. In this course you will learn about the IELTS test procedure and its format. You will learn appropriate test-taking strategies and skills required to pass the IELTS test. This landmark course will develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in English. This course will cover everything a person needs to get good grades without paying a penny to IELTS preparatory institutes or teachers.

This online IELTS preparation course has been developed by English teaching professionals from the University of Queensland. The university is considered one of the leading centers of learning worldwide and an IELTS testing centre. The course has been carefully prepared taking into account all aspects of IELTS training, which can enable students to gain admission to the university of their choice where IELTS is compulsory. Through this initiative, you can gain enough confidence to take your IELTS academic tests with immediate access to approximately 80 hours of interactive practice resources for each IELTS section.

-Free access to IELTS materials.
-Knowledge from IELTS experts.

Deadline: no.

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